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Good keyboarding technique is essential. It is also important to use the right type of keyboard. Not all keyboards are right for all bodies.

If your hands look like the picture below and you cannot change it, you may need an alternative keyboard in order to keep your wrists neutral while typing. There are many different kinds of keyboards and the type that is right for you depends on your body and the type of work that you do. This is something we assess when doing ergonomic evaluations.

If you look down at your hands while you are typing, they should look the picture below. You don’t necessarily need to be using this type of keyboard, but the wrists should be in a neutral position like they are in the picture.

Another thing to consider is the amount of force used while typing. Typing should barely be heard. If there is a loud pounding sound when you type, your body is absorbing unnecessary force. The effect on the hands from pounding a keyboard is similar to how the knees, feet, and back suffer if stomping while running. Anytime you fail to absorb your force you are wearing down your body’s joints and causing inflammation. Practice typing as silently as possible. This will make your hands happy!

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