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After being injured and going through medical treatment, it’s important to keep working on your body’s strength and flexibility. This is called post-rehab training. Although there are many methods, these are some of the most popular.


Swimming is low impact, a form of active stretching, and provides aerobic conditioning. If you have experienced a severe injury, swimming may not be possible at first. Starting by walking in the water at chest level is a good way to begin until you are ready to swim.



Invented by Joseph Pilates, it builds core strength, mobility, and flexibility. The exercises are designed to decompress your joints and increasing your range of motion. If just starting out, it is recommended to work with an instructor individually who is trained in post-rehab training.



Yoga focuses on building strength and flexibility in order to reduce tension and pain.  There are so many different forms of yoga, that it can be controversial as a post rehab exercise program. Choose a form which focuses on gentle stretching and strengthening. Find an individual instructor who is experienced in working with injuries.

Personal Fitness Training

There are fitness trainers who are great at getting you into shape while working on decreasing your pain and physical limitations. If you want to get back into a sport, this is an especially good option. Inquire at your gym if there is a fitness trainer who does post-rehab training. If there isn’t a suitable trainer at your gym, many gyms allow clients to come in and train without requiring a gym membership.

Final Notes

Finding an experienced individual instructor is always a good idea when recovering from an injury. Jumping into a class at first can sometimes aggravate injuries because there is not an individual focus on your body’s issues. Take your time and be mindful of how your body feels doing each exercise. Communicate with the instructor if you find a movement to be painful.

If after working with an instructor individually you are interested in taking group classes, arrive early and tell the group instructor what your injury is. A good instructor will tell you how to modify exercises for your injury during the class. Resist the urge to do every exercise the other students are doing. If something is painful, don’t do it. If your body tells you that you need to stop, there is no shame in leaving the class early.



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