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Is your life out of control? Sorry, but we can’t help you with that. What we can help you control is reducing the number of times you click and scroll on your mouse or trackball. In addition to reducing your risks for developing cumulative trauma injuries it will also reduce the time spent on doing these tasks.

Changing your mouse click settings from double click to single click will open your folders with just one click instead of two. Here are the instructions for doing this on a PC.

You can use the page up and page down buttons on the right side of your keyboard rather than scrolling with your mouse or trackball.

Below are some control key shortcuts. Just press down the control key and the character to the right of it at the same time to make things happen.

Ctrl + increases the size of text on your monitor.

Ctrl – reduces the size of text on your monitor.

Ctrl A selects all the text.

Ctrl B bolds text.

Ctrl C copies text.

Ctrl E centers text in your document.

Ctrl F finds a word you are looking for in a document.

Ctrl I italicizes text.

Ctrl J justifies text.

Ctrl P prints your document.

Ctrl S saves your work in a document.

Ctrl U underlines text.

Ctrl V pastes text.

Ctrl X cuts text.

Ctrl Y is the redo command. It will redo what you just typed.

Ctrl Z is the undo command. This is to undo what you just did in your document.




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