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During ergonomic assessments we ask employees to accept change in order to improve their situations. We suggest changes to equipment and habits. We recommend different heights and positions for surfaces, monitors, and chairs. We sometimes ask that work areas be re-organized or tasks be done in a different way.

We understand that change is a scary thing and some employees are better than others at accepting it. One of the most common fears is of using a trackball instead of a mouse. We’ve developed a few strategies to help employees accept this change.


Strategies for Trackball Acceptance

  • The mouse can be left plugged in while using a trackball. This makes the change more gradual and gives the employee time to learn how to use the trackball without feeling rushed.
  • For people who are right handed, it is often recommended that they switch to using a trackball on the left, with the left hand. It is helpful to know that it is easier to use a trackball on the left than it is to use a mouse on the left. With the trackball you no longer need to grip the device or move your wrist back and forth. All you need to do is move the ball with your three middle fingers and click. This eliminates two ergonomic risk factors; static gripping and repetitive wrist movement. Sometimes just explaining this to employees eases fears about the change.
  • We ask employees to use a trackball for two weeks before making a decision whether they like it or not. Usually by the end of week two, they are comfortable using it.



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