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Post By: Celeste McLaughlin, Ergonomics Manager – Arcata, CA
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Vehicle Ergonomics Tips

“30% of civilian jobs in 2016 required driving a passenger vehicle or some other type of vehicle while on the job.”

Beyond the commuter, many jobs require a large amount of driving. Some occupations that come to mind are that of a truck driver, taxi driver, or EMT driver, but many occupations require long hours in a vehicle from lawyers to electricians to sales managers. This blog will provide some quick tips to ensure that you work in comfort while driving; as proper ergonomics is not just important at your work site, but in all aspects of your work life.

Quick Tips For Vehicle Ergonomics

While vehicle manufactures have done years of research and engineering to provide comfort and ergonomics safety in their vehicles, there are still things you or your employees need to be aware of to stay comfortable and avoid back pain or joint pain on the job. Sitting in the same position, gripping a stirring wheel, and experiencing the vibrations of the road for long hours can cause wear and tear on the joints and the back.

3 Quick Tips:

  1. Be sure to pull over and take a break from driving every couple of hours. Get out of the vehicle, and let your body stretch and move around.
  2. If you work with a partner, swap driving roles every so often. While you may still be sitting in a vehicle, your posture will change and provide variety for the body.
  3. Slightly adjust your driving position every couple of hours. However, be sure to maintain proper posture throughout.

Vehicle Posture Tips

For detailed assistance, you or your employer should contact an ergonomics consultant. For a brief overview of vehicle posture, take a look at the following visual guide provided by

Vehicle Ergonomics Guide

In Conclusion

It is important to note that not all vehicles will allow for as much flexibility as needed. You will need to make your employer or human resources department aware if you’re experiencing any difficulties in achieving proper posture in your vehicle. You may wish to direct your employer to an ergonomics consultant.

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