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Ergonomics Benefits of using Vertical Mouse

By Janet DeLapp, MS, CDMS, CPDM, CPE and Matt Copeland, BS, CEOE

“Evidence suggests that about 3% of women and 2% of men will be diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome during their lifetime…” – The New York Times

Using a mouse causes gripping as well as wrist and arm motion which could be detrimental to your body. However, if you do not want to use a trackball, there are other options.

The Vertical Mouse

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While it may look strange, the vertical mouse is a great alternative for those seeking comfort from an ergonomic mouse. There a number of vertical mice on the market, these are sometimes referred to as a “handshake mouse” because of the way your hand grips the mouse.

Why the Vertical Mouse works

When gripping a vertical mouse, your wrist is rotated more straight up and down as opposed to being flat against the desk. This untwists the bones of the forearm. The gripping and repetitive motions at the wrist, elbow and shoulder still exist. If discontinuing using a mouse is something you don’t want to do, a vertical mouse is a good alternative.

The benefits

  • According to Ergooffice, a vertical mouse will “help your wrist to rest on the ‘bony’ baby finger side, eliminating pressure on the soft tissue of the wrist and engage the larger muscles of the arm rather than leaving all the work to the wrist, which means that the wrist remains in a comfortable and neutral position. Additionally, the forearm to assume an anatomical position of rest that will prevent straining of the muscles.”

In conclusion

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