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Ergonomics Blog: 5 Ways to Boost Company Culture

“About 24.7 million people in the USA or an equivalent of 19% of the total workers are not happy at their job.”

The number of people in jobs that they don’t feel comfortable in is increasing and companies are starting to look for ways to keep their employees happy and healthy in the workplace.

Company culture is an important element in ensuring that the organization runs in harmony and the employees are happy. In this blog article, we’ll explain how to improve company culture starting with 5 easy tips.

1. Promote a culture of flexibility.

A lot of companies with strong company culture are flexible in the way their employees work. The hours at which employees work are flexible to allow them to attend other commitments like family. It’s not only hours, working at home, in the lounge, or the coffee bar are also options.

There is also flexibility in the manner of dressing where workers are not tied to wearing traditional office attire. There is however a caution in this statement as office decency must be maintained.

2. Reward innovative ideas.

Strong company culture can reward hard work and achievements by the workers. It can also reward workers who have an innovative answer to the company issues. As a manager, encourage innovation days where teams come up with ideas which can be implemented.

3. Consider families of workers for improving work culture.

A worker is made up of themselves as well as their family. As a company manager or office administrator, you should incorporate your office schedule with those of families. An open day for families should be encouraged as well as providing space for nursing mothers.

4. Encourage communication and teamwork.

The basic element of cohesion in an office is teamwork. To ensure the company has a culture that is intact, ensure the team fits into a family.

Maintain communication amongst team members, as a breakdown of communication puts a team’s strategy in jeopardy. Ensure everyone is in the know and promote workers talking to each other, not at each other.

5. Invest in your employee’s well-being.

Whether it’s performing an ergonomics assessment for a better workstation or installing an office gym, when you invest in your employee’s well-being, both the company and the employees win.

Office employees will appreciate any investment that is made to improve their work life. When companies invest into ensuring that employees have a healthy, safe, and productive workplace, companies receive a spike in productivity and happiness. According to the University of Warwick, “happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity, while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive.”

In conclusion.

Company culture is essential in ensuring workers see a workplace as a viable place to spend quality time of their life. How an office manager treats workers dictates the survival rates of their organization.

As an office manager, you should learn how to improve company culture. The workers feel the need to belong to an organization that takes care of them.

If you are not an office administrator or manager, we suggest contacting your office’s human resource department to see about conducting an ergonomics assessment to determine how to best combat too much sitting in the workplace.

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