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5 Reasons to Install a Gym at Your Office

“Milken Institute estimates direct healthcare costs of $480.7 billion due to obesity in 2016, along with $1.24 trillion in lost productivity.” – Milken Institute

Working out is often considered tiresome and time-consuming. But research has shown that physical exercise reduces stress, boosts morale, increases work productivity, and has many health benefits.

Thinking of a way to break the monotony at your workplace? Consider installing a work gym for your office workers. Not only will the work gym save you money in the long run, but it will also create an informal space where your employees can relate.

The process of installing a gym at your workplace can be an undertaking, so here are five solid reasons why installing a gym at your office is a great idea.

1. Improve efficiency at the workplace.

Having a gym at the office will improve your efficiency and that of your workers. This is because studies have found that people who work out have better cognitive functions than those who don’t.

Working out at the workplace also boosts your morale and motivates you to work even better. Installing a work gym may also lead to better health, which reduces the amount of employee sick days and certain preventable office injuries.

2. Save money in the long run.

Setting up a gym at your force is cheaper than having to pay monthly subscriptions to a local gym. The cost of having to pay regular medical bills will also reduce as you and your employees will get healthier.

Studies have shown that even a thirty-minute work-out every day can reduce the risk of developing serious health issues such as diabetes. Having a gym at your office will also reduce the amount of money and time you spend on driving to the gym.

3. Exercise reduces stress and monotony at the workplace. 

Installing a work gym improves the work environment. This is facilitated by a better interpersonal relationship created among the employees as they work out. Physical exercise is a great stress reliever and studies have shown that it reduces the level of cortisol produced by the body.

Physical exercise also breaks the monotony of the workplace. The rationale is that employees work out their bodies and produce endorphins which help their minds relax. This makes them more focused at their tasks.

4. Provide employees with convenience.

Installing a gym at your office allows you to work out whenever you want in whatever way you choose. This is very convenient, and it can fit into your busy schedule due to the accessibility of the gym.

Having a gym at the office also makes it easy for workers who spend long hours at the office to get a chance to work out.

5. Special perks attract and retain staff.

Installing a work gym will attract new staff and encourage the existing members to stay at the company. By creating a gym at the company, workers will feel more valued because they will interpret that the company values their health.

The gym will also act as an informal environment where the employees can interact. This will lead to the formation of stronger interpersonal relationships between the employees of the company and the management. Hence, making it easy for the company to keep its valuable employees.

In conclusion.

Employees are the most valuable resource of any company and installing a work gym is a great investment in promoting the workers’ welfare.

The need for installing a gym at the office has increased in recent years. This is due to the high number of people suffering from various lifestyle diseases that could have been prevented with proper exercise.

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