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Do you want a productive team that’s healthy and happy? If so, find out if you need to invest in an ergonomics assessment here.

5 Signs Its Time for an Ergonomics Assessment

In order to enjoy a more productive work environment, employees need to be physically comfortable and safe in the workplace.

Thoughtfully designing an employee’s workstation or purchasing ergonomic furniture and ergonomic devices at work can increase employee wellness. Additionally, an ergonomically sound workspace will help prevent things like back and neck pain or carpal tunnel syndrome for workers.

If your office admin or management is thinking of getting an ergonomics assessment at your place of business, read on for six signs it’s time to get one scheduled.

1. Employee injuries on the rise? It’s time for an ergonomics assessment.

If more employees are starting to complain about back or neck pain at work, it could be time for an ergonomics assessment. Health issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, a sore neck, or repetitive stress injuries among your employees are all serious red flags. If cost is an issue, be mindful that when employees feel uncomfortable or they’re in pain, it will reflect in their work, which makes this such an important issue for businesses of all kinds.

An ergonomics assessment will save a business money in the long run and protect the health of workers.

2. If your workplace has never heard of an ergonomics assessment, it probably needs one.

Maybe you’ve been using the same old furniture for years and never really thought there was a problem.

With a good review of your office and proper ergonomics procedures, you’ll begin to realize just how important this is to a productive, positive workplace.

4. You want to promote a healthy lifestyle at work.

Employers who care deeply about their employees want them to be happy and healthy. If you find yourself inspired by other companies who are promoting workplace wellness, consider an ergonomics assessment to help you get started.
You’ll be proud of the changes an ergonomics assessment can make in promoting health for everyone.

4. If nobody has ever done an ergonomics assessment before.

If nobody has ever performed a proper ergonomics assessment of your office or workspace, it’s very likely that employees are experiencing some discomfort at their workstations.

It is recommend that every office have the contact information of an ergonomics specialist or ergonomics consultant if they want to ensure a happy and healthy work environment.

5. When your work needs a productivity boost.

A combination of increased stress and workplace-related injuries, unhappy employees, and outdated furniture can lead to a slowdown in productivity at work.

Conversely, when management invests into ensuring that employees have a healthy, safe, and productive workplace, companies receive a spike in productivity and happiness. According to the University of Warwick, “happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity, while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive.”

In conclusion, make worker’s health a priority in your workplace.

Since you value the hard work your employees put in every single day, an ergonomics assessment or consultation can help improve the entire environment of your business.

If you are not an office administrator or manager, we suggest contacting your office’s human resource department to see about conducting an ergonomics assessment to determine how to best combat too much sitting in the workplace.

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