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“Over 3 million workplace injuries take place every year.” – After Math Statistics,

It’s easy to get complacent when you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get injured even in the safety of your cubicle.

Many office injuries are preventable. Keep reading to learn what the most common office-related injuries are and how to avoid them.

Slipping and falling is a very common workplace injury.

Falling is the most commonly reported injury that happens in the office. There are many factors involved in this. 

If the janitorial staff has recently mopped or buffed a floor, it can be easy to slip on them if you don’t look out for the caution signs. 

Loose carpet and electrical cords should be properly secured down and organized to prevent people from tripping over them. Lighting that isn’t adequate also makes it difficult to spot these obstacles.

Remember to always clean up spills at work!

Repetitive injuries are common without proper ergonomics.

A lot of injuries are suffered because of actions which are repeated throughout the day. A common injury is carpal tunnel syndrome. This can be aggravated by not practicing proper ergonomic habits and manifests in numbness and pain in the wrist and hand.

Proper posture and regular breaks should also be practiced. If you find yourself leaning forward a lot in your chair, try to remind yourself to use the backrest. You should also stand, stretch, and move around for at least 10 minutes every hour.

Consider hiring an ergonomics consultant to perform a workplace assessment for best results.

Unfortunately, workplace violence is a real occurrence.

It’s unfortunate but occasionally people let their anger get the best of them and take things too far in the workplace. A well-trained HR department and proper management of chaotic situations are key in preventing these incidents.

Setting up training for your employees to know what to do in case the unthinkable occurs is also very important to ensure that people don’t get seriously hurt.

Digital eye strain is real.

You’re looking at a screen right now. It might be a computer screen or your phone screen but regardless, it can put too much strain on your eyes and cause lasting damage.

Learn to use safety features that come with most monitors and phones that reduce the harmful light that comes from a screen. You should also stay away from staring at screens during your breaks from working at your desk.

Fire safety should never be ignored.

Office accidents happen no matter how much planning you do. If a fire breaks out your office should be equipped to handle it.

Fire extinguishers in the appropriate places and exits that are clear of obstacles and properly marked are very important in making sure that employees can evacuate safely and in a timely fashion.

In conclusion, stay safe in the workplace by being proactive.

The good news is that many common office injuries are preventable. Adopting a few good habits, proper training, and performing an ergonomics assessment is a great way to prevent future injury in the office.

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