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National health guidelines recommend we walk up to 10,000 steps per day. Yet, most of us are averaging less than half of this targeted amount. For those of us who sit down to work at our jobs, this can be even more difficult.

When you factor in additional sitting from your commute and decompressing after staring at a screen all day, increasing your daily step count can easily fall by the wayside. Fortunately, there are ways to improve this.

Keep reading to learn what our ergonomics experts suggest about how to stay healthy at work and increase your daily step count when working a desk job.

Small adjustments at work make a big impact in the long run.

You may be surprised to realize you don’t have to make drastic changes at work to increase your daily step count. Many of the simple tasks you perform each day can be modified to include more steps. It’s easier than you think!

Choose a parking spot further away than normal. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Find a bathroom a little further away if available. 

Your body and mind are accustomed to these routines and it won’t cause interference with job responsibilities.

Sitting at your desk job for extended periods of time can have long-term impacts to your spine and posture. Set an alarm or download a reminder app to remind yourself to stand up and walk at least once an hour. Take advantage of convenient excuses to slip away for a moment such as by responding to a colleague in person instead of through email.

Make the most of every break.

Depending on your desk job’s hours most companies grant between 30 minutes to an hour for lunch. Many also allow at least two 15-minute breaks throughout an eight-hour workday. While you use part of this to energize your body with food or coffee it’s also an opportune time to fit in more steps.

This could be as simple as walking short laps in the workplace or bringing a change of workout clothes for a jog. Many employees with desk jobs find working out in the middle of the day has enormous benefits for concentration and focus.

Increasing steps outside of work.

The daily routine from working up to eight hours can instill positive consistency. Use this to your advantage by keeping the momentum going with activities that can increase your daily step count either before or after work. It’s very obtainable to tally the approximate 2,000 average steps in a mile with downtime.

Whether you’re an early riser or night owl, connecting exercise to your work schedule has a great upside for your health. This could be a morning jog with your dog before sunrise or going to the gym on your way home from work.

In conclusion, stay proactive about your health in the workplace.

Naturally increasing your step count while balancing a desk job is a positive step towards a healthy life. Interested in similar articles about improving your lifestyle habits at work? Visit our ergonomics blog often for more tips and tricks for a more efficient workplace.

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