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Vocational Assessments

In the United States, the divorce rate of married couples is between 40-50%. When so many people are getting divorced, one must wonder what happens to any children involved. As part of the process, each parent will need to pay child support to aid their children. 

That’s when a family law vocational assessment or evaluation is needed. Below we’ll review what it is and why it’s important. 

What is a Vocational Assessment in Family Law?

A family law vocational assessment will review how much child support each parent should pay. In some households one parent works and the other watches the children. In these situations, the one working will pay more for child support.

If both parents work, their individual incomes determine how much support they provide.

In some cases, one of the parents will refuse to work, works less, get a lower-paying job, or get themself demoted. They do this so they don’t have to pay as much child support. 

At the same time, if one of the parents isn’t working, their employability will need to be evaluated. This will establish whether the child support payments can be divided more equitably. 

In either situation, both parents will be assessed on their: 

  • Ability to work
  • Opportunity to work
  • Willingness to work 

Ability to Work:

The ability to work applies to their educational level, work skills, and employment history. It’ll also review whether they’d need training or further schooling. They may need to refresh or update their skills if they’re re-entering the workforce. 

Moreover, it will review any limitations they may have. This applies if they suffer(ed) from an illness or an injury that can prevent them from doing certain types of work. 

Opportunity to Work:

Opportunity to work establishes what’s available on the job market. The vocational assessment will review if any jobs in the area are within their skill or educational level. 

Moreover, the parents’ past earnings will be reviewed. This will determine their potential earnings for the future. They’ll learn what kinds of positions they may be able to get (if one or both aren’t working).

Willingness to Work:

Willingness to work reviews behavior. This will show if one is actively seeking work, trying to reduce their income, or refusing to work.

If it’s the latter, the court can impute income (force them to pay child support). This will help get them motivated to look for a job and make more money.

Importance of a family law vocational evaluation.

A vocational evaluation is beneficial as it will help each parent pay a fair share of the child support. At the same time, it makes certain that if one parent can’t pay as much child support they aren’t drowning in debt. 

Do you need a family law vocational assessment?

Now that you know what a vocational assessment is, you need to figure out if you need it. If you’re getting divorced, it may be wise to consult an expert to help you figure out how much support you need to pay.

Reach out to us today if you have any questions or concerns. 

Solutions Northwest, Inc. offers comprehensive vocational assessments that determine the true extent of an individual’s physical and cognitive ability to work. Our assessments are as elementary, or complex and detailed, as necessary to address the unique circumstances of any given case. Contact Us to schedule a vocational assessment today.

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