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A Brief Look at Vocational Evaluations

There are countless scenarios that require a vocational evaluation. It’s a common process in family courts deciding alimony. It’s also useful for those with disabilities to explore future job prospects.

It’s not only a legal tool for the courts, but it is also an especially useful tool for any business with an employee in rehabilitation.

To find out more about vocational evaluation and what it entails, check out our guide below.

What is a vocational evaluation?

A vocational evaluation is when professional evaluators and legal experts test an individual in a variety of ways. These tests determine their occupational needs, desires, and opportunities.

Medical or psychological diagnosis is never part of the evaluation. The person being tested also has rights. They may seek a second or third vocational evaluation from another professional. This is necessary if they feel their first one was biased or incorrect.

What generally occurs during a vocational evaluation?

A vocational evaluation is used to determine the true extent of an individual’s physical and cognitive ability to work. A vocational evaluation will be as simple, or complex as needed to address the unique circumstances of any given case.

These elements are appropriately combined to deliver a thorough vocational assessment worthy of legal scrutiny. Evaluations provide a complete picture of how an individual’s knowledge, skills and abilities translate into an ability to obtain and maintain employment.

Vocational Evaluations will often include:

  • Detailed medical file reviews
  • Physician & health care provider consultations
  • Job analysis
  • Vocational interest, work values, ability and intellectual functioning testing
  • Transferable skills assessments
  • Vocational and labor market research
  • Earning capacity analysis
  • Expert & forensic testimony

In conclusion

A vocational evaluation is a valuable tool for a variety of cases. A vocational evaluation can be used to assess the employability of a spouse during a divorce, personal injury earning capacity, and labor market research. Vocational experts are often caused to provide exert witness testimony during court cases.

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Solutions Northwest, Inc. offers comprehensive vocational assessments that determine the true extent of an individual’s physical and cognitive ability to work. Our assessments are as elementary, or complex and detailed, as necessary to address the unique circumstances of any given case. Contact Us to schedule a vocational assessment today.

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