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Vocational Consultants - Disability Management Services and Your Workplace

“15% or about 1 billion people worldwide live with a disability”

Between 110 and 190 million people have significant disabilities. Disability management services coordinate services for those with disabilities.

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Consequences of disabilities in the real world.

When someone has a disability, it affects both their personal lives and society. The individual can have poor social and economic outcomes. This may result from and cause: Lower education levels, poorer health, lower employment levels, increased poverty rates, environmental, social, and economic factors can add to these problems.

Disabled people may not have access to assistive devices and technologies. There are often gaps in communication and delivery of services.

Prejudices and stigmas affect a person with disabilities’ (PWD) social interactions. Poor nutrition, often associated with poverty, also impacts the individual’s heath. They may not have safe water, sanitation, or adequate health care.

PWDs often have trouble getting a job. This may result from a lack of education. They often receive lower wages and have higher costs of living.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The ADA created laws to protect PWDs. The ADA established a set of rules. They focus on making employment, services, and public places easier to access.

The following summarizes the rules regarding PWDs:

          • Private employers, state and local governments, employment agencies, and labor unions must comply
          • Prohibits discrimination in the application process, hiring, job training, or firing
          • All government transit must make buildings, facilities, and transport vehicles accessible
          • All interactive devices must allow accessibility for those with hearing and speech problems
          • Programs that accept federal financial help may not discriminate in programs or activities
          • People with hearing and speech problems need sign language interpreters to ease communication
          • The U.S. Department of Labor handles enforcing the ADA

What are Disability Management Services?

Disability Management Services make sure companies meet the employee’s disability needs. This can include coordinating Short-term disability, Long-term disability, Workers’ compensation, and Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

This increases efficiency in the cost and administration of these plans. It often improves the employee’s experience. Some financial and operational benefits include direct program cost savings, a decrease in productivity losses, decreased absences, enhanced claims and employee absence tracking, process simplification for employers and employees, and improved employee satisfaction.

Disability Management services can complete a thorough check for specific barriers. They assess all measures currently in place. These services also make suggestions for improvements.

For workers impacted by disabilities, our Vocational Experts can help!

Disabilities impact people in a personal manner, social situations, and business settings. Some individuals feel uncomfortable interacting with PWDs. Today’s society must develop a view of people’s abilities and promote accessibility.

Disability Management Services work toward these goals. Solutions Northwest Inc. includes experts in personal injury, workers’ compensation, and family law vocational assessments. If you need our guidance, our legal experts are ready to guide you through the process.

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Solutions Northwest, Inc. offers comprehensive vocational assessments that determine the true extent of an individual’s physical and cognitive ability to work. Our assessments are as elementary, or complex and detailed, as necessary to address the unique circumstances of any given case. Contact Us to schedule a vocational assessment today.

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