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3 Reasons Every Remote Worker Needs a Remote Ergonomics Assessment

“Nearly one-third of newly remote workers say that working from home has negatively affected their productivity, compared with only 13% of experienced remote workers.” – SlackHQ

With Americans working from home for the first time, many are discovering that their workstation is not ideal. It is important that business owners and companies provide a proper ergonomics assessment for their remote workers to keep workers injury free, efficient, and happy.

Here are a few reasons every remote worker should have a remote ergonomics assessment for their workstation.

1. Technology makes a Virtual Ergonomics Assessment simple.

In our modern world, nearly every American owns a smart phone. A smart phone allows remote workers to use voice, video, and pictures to help give an ergonomics consultant a clear idea of their workstation needs. With easy communication at our finger tips, not only will it be convenient, but your assessment will be quick and accurate.

2. Remote Ergonomics Assessments are cheaper than usual.

Due to the overall convenience of a remote assessment, the cost of a remote ergonomics assessment is very affordable. Right now, companies like Solutions Northwest Inc. are providing low cost solutions for remote workers, charging as low as $50 for a virtual ergonomics assessment.

It makes sense to invest a small amount of money in employee health and productivity while they are working from home. The knowledge they will learn is something they can take with them in the future, as well

3. Proper ergonomics should always be a priority for every worker.

A professional ergonomics evaluation may be even more important for remote workers than office workers. Most office spaces have already invested in ergonomics equipment for their workers, but many remote workers are left on their own when working from home.

Proper ergonomics allows workers to work faster, healthier, and happier. A happy employee is always a better employee.

Conversely, if a remote worker is using a poorly set up workstation, they may end up suffering from musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, muscle strain, ligament sprain, tension neck syndrome, DeQuervain’s syndrome, and many more. Improper ergonomics will also lead to less productivity and make it harder to work from home.

Contact an Ergonomics Consultant and have your workstation evaluated today!

Now, more than ever, companies should be taking care of their remote workers.
Ergonomics consultants provide their services to companies that take the health and productivity of their employees seriously. With a low cost and high reward – there is no reason not to have a remote ergonomics assessment performed for your employees at their remote workstations.

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Take a look at our $50 Virtual Ergonomics Assessment that allows you to speak with an ergonomics consultant over e-mail, phone, or video call to customize your workstation specifically for your needs.

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