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Assessing What Support Your Back Needs in Your Home Office

Are you sitting at your desk right now? Are you slumped over, elbows on the desk, with your head in your hand? Or are you sitting up straight?

Posture is important not only for the health of your spine but can help you feel more productive in your work environment. Proper lumbar support is one of the most important aspects your home office should have.

Keep reading for our tips for and recommendations for your home office and how to better support your back.

Why is lumbar support important? 

People who spend many hours a day at their desks or work at a computer are more likely to slouch or lean in their chairs.

This can lead to long-term back pain, stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, neck strain, leg pain, and other potential spine issues. If you’ve ever had back pain, you know how easy it can put you out of commission.

If you’re working remotely, chances are your home office is not as ergonomic as your desk at work. A good office chair offers lumbar support and helps your spine maintain its natural curve. Without support for your back, you are more likely to slouch or sit in awkward positions.

Learn what good lumbar support entails. 

A chair with good lumbar support should allow you to sit up straight with your back flush against the chair and at the small of your back.

The proper position you should assume at your desk is:

          • Head back, over your shoulders, not leaning forward or backward
          • Chest out
          • Tailbone tucked in
          • Feet slightly apart and a few inches ahead of your knees

This new posture may cause muscle fatigue at first if you are not used to it. Having a chair or cushions that hold the shape of your spine may help you adjust to this seated position.

The height of your desk, chair, and computer also play important roles in maintaining your posture and support for your back. Your desk should be between 24 and 34 inches high, depending on your height.

Your head should be around 20 to 30 inches, or an arm’s length, away from your computer screen. The height of your seat should allow you to comfortably sit with your feet flat on the floor and knees bent at an angle slightly larger than 90 degrees.

Investing in an adjustable desk may be a good option for you. An adjustable sit-stand desk has been shown to increase employee productivity and help back and neck pain.

Consider having a remote ergonomics assessment.

Remote ergonomics assessments are a low-cost solution to setting up your home office. For example, ergonomics companies like Solutions Northwest Inc. offer virtual ergonomics assessments for as low as $50. An ergonomics consultant will consult with you over e-mail, phone, or webcam and recommend improvements to your workstation.

While you may be required to purchase new equipment, these types of investments will pay off in the long run. Working in a properly setup workstation leads to more productivity and less pain. Read our article “3 Reasons Every Remote Worker Needs a Remote Ergonomics Assessment” to learn why we believe every remote and home office worker needs a professional ergonomics assessment.

In conclusion, don’t ignore your home desk ergonomics.

Whether you’re doing remote work once in a while or permanently working from home, make sure your home office has the right ergonomic set up to avoid back pain.

For more information about how to support your back properly in your home office, check out the rest of our ergonomics blog, or contact us with questions.

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