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5 Tips to Turn Your Home Office into a Productive and Ergonomic Workspace Virtual Ergonomics Assessment

When people think about working from home, they wonder if they could ever be as productive as sitting in a real office. However, it may surprise you that people can actually be more productive working at home than in a traditional office setting. Employees are happier, more comfortable, and less likely to leave their jobs.

The question is, how can you create an ergonomic workspace in a home environment? Ergonomics is just as much about efficiency as it is about being comfortable. 

Keep reading for our top five tips on how to turn your home office into an ergonomic workstation.

1. Remove distractions.

One of the most important things about creating an ergonomic workplace in the home is getting rid of distractions. The environment has to feel like an office, not a spare bedroom. 

Bring in the necessities for work, add some decor, and personalize the space how you like it. However, be sure to remove distracting items such as TVs, your phone, and anything else that might draw your attention away.

If you live with others, be sure to let them know not to disturb you during certain work hours. Establish a routine and stick to it. Don’t be afraid to close the door or shut off devices – you’re at work.

2. Get up and move.

Studies show that those who sit at a computer need to get up once every 30 minutes to stretch and walk around. While it may sound like a huge interruption twice an hour, it helps people maintain better focus. Without these small breaks, productivity starts to slow down.

Getting up every 30 minutes can also have a positive effect on your health.

3. Get a comfortable chair.

Just because you’re getting up periodically throughout the day, it doesn’t mean you don’t need a high-quality, supportive chair in your ergonomic workspace. Sitting for most of the day has several negative side effects on the human body, such as: reinforced poor posture, increased risk of weight gain, back pain, neck pain.

Getting a chair designed to improve your posture can help with many of these issues.

4. Consider investing some money when designing your workstation setup.

No matter how nice your chair is, the best ergonomic workstations allow you to work while sitting or standing. It would be incredibly beneficial to invest in a desk that can raise and lower, much like most office chairs. 

There are also many ergonomic alternatives to standard devices like a keyboard and mouse. Check a few out here:

5. Get an Ergonomics Assessment from a professional.

Some ergonomic fixes you can do for free. For example, ensuring you’ve correctly set up your monitor (setting your monitor at eye level and arm’s length away) can help prevent neck pain and eye strain. However, other adjustments may require a professional ergonomics assessment.

Right now, Solutions Northwest Inc. is running a special for $50 Virtual Ergonomics Assessments (all you need is access to e-mail or a smart phone) in order to assist remote workers and others that are new to working at home.

Working from home can be a challenge. Whether your wrists are hurting from improper mouse ergonomics or your back and neck are in pain – there are a variety of low cost, creative solutions which an ergonomics consultant can recommend for temporary work from home situations.

In conclusion, consider investing in your workspace for increased productivity and comfort.

Between the rise of technology and global health scares, it seems like at-home work is becoming a staple in modern societies. While this can be limiting in some ways, it also provides a lot of opportunities for people. However, to prove yourself as an asset from work or home, you must take the time and money to create an ergonomic workspace.

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