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The Importance of Soft Skills in an Employability Assessment

What makes a person employable and how do hiring managers make decisions? A polished resume, list of references, and letters of recommendation are important, but what else can be used to make a good hiring decision?

A person’s employability can be measured with an employability assessment meant to access far beyond formal qualifications or degrees.

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About soft skills in relation to an employability evaluation.

An applicant’s resume, education, connections, and interviewing skills are indeed important. But they’re not the only thing, and they might not even be the most important.

Many hiring managers prefer to assess soft skills in hiring decisions. What are soft skills? They are all of the skills and behaviors that are essential to work in most jobs anywhere. This includes the 4 following skills:

1. Communication Skills

Communication has always been important. But it is especially important now to have both good verbal and written communication since so much work is done through email or other digital devices.  Non-verbal communication and listening skills are also crucial. A person who can actually listen without simply waiting to speak is a valuable commodity.

2. Interpersonal Relationships

Working on a team of any size can produce conflicting personalities. Since working together is a requirement for almost any modern job, having good interpersonal skills is a universal job requirement. Having good emotional intelligence is a key part of getting along well with others. Workers must recognize how others are doing and interact with them accordingly.

3. Problem-Solving

Yes, a manager wants employees who follow protocols and do what they are supposed to. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want their employees to think. The ability to solve problems on your own is a valuable job skill that will help in any job setting.

4. Work Ethic and Time Management

This might seem obvious, but working hard is a good skill across any sector. Along with working hard, working smart is also a valued trait. Good time management is very attractive to hiring managers. Every industry needs employees to be useful and productive while they’re on the job.

How Can Your Business Assess Soft Skills?

If hiring managers want to move beyond the standard considerations to see how a person will perform on the job, they must start using assessments to measure soft skills. In fact, “soft skills” is just another term for employability skills!

The importance of these types of assessments is only increasing as work becomes more and more automated. Workers will need to switch jobs and specific job tasks, but their soft skills will always be in high demand.

To find the best possible candidates, regardless of their formal qualifications, managers increasingly look toward soft skills. Job seekers should keep this in mind, too.

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