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Consider an Ergonomic Keyboard While Working From Home

If you are doing remote work for the first time or have a home office, you are likely spending a lot of time typing on a keyboard for work.

Frequently writing emails, documents, or just surfing the web can cause strain on your hands. If your work requires you to use a keyboard, investing in an ergonomic keyboard may be a great option.

If you are unaware of ergonomic keyboards, don’t worry. Our ergonomics consultants are here to break it down for you.

Here are the pros and cons of ergonomic keyboards, and some popular picks.

What is an ergonomic keyboard? 

An ergonomic keyboard is designed to be comfortable and prevent pain. Most ergonomic keyboards split the keyboard in half, allowing the keyboard to cause less strain in your hands and wrists, which can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

What are the pros of an ergonomic keyboard?

Some of the pros of an ergonomic keyboard include more comfort, as they are designed to keep your wrists and hands in a more comfortable position for an extended amount of time.

Additionally, ergonomic keyboards allow you to find a device that adapts and works better for you, rather than dealing with a preset keyboard that may not be comfortable.

Working in comfort usually leads to more productivity, which means you can spend more time being productive and less time in pain.

What are the cons of an ergonomic keyboard?

Sometimes, relearning how to type on an ergonomic keyboard can be challenging, primarily if you are used to a more traditional style keyboard.

Additionally, due to their split design and shape, ergonomic keyboards can sometimes cause you to type slower than usual before you get used to them.

Lastly, ergonomic keyboards require an investment. Some ergonomic keyboards can be expensive. Though you are paying for a well-designed and engineered product, the price may seem high when compared to a cheap keyboard.

However, many ergonomics consultants would tell you that investing in your workspace will pay off in the long run.

What are some popular ergonomic keyboards?

Depending on your home office needs, an ergonomic keyboard may be an excellent tool to have in your work set up. Here are 3 popular ergonomic keyboards:

1. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

This ergonomic keyboard is popular for those who want an affordable and sleek option. Created by Microsoft, this keyboard is well made and wireless.
Though this keyboard is not adjustable, it still offers a slightly split design and slope that provides a comfortable typing experience. 

Manufacturer Link:

2. Logitech Ergo Keyboard

Logitech Ergo Keyboard

The Logitech Ergo is a popular, mid-level ergonomic keyboard that is excellent for those who want a more normal typing experience. The layout is closer than other keyboards, but it still feathers out, leaving your wrists and hands relaxed and happy. 

Manufacturer Link:

3. Kinesis Freestyle Pro Keyboard

Kinesis Freestyle Pro Keyboard

The Kinesis Freestyle Pro is fully on-board programmable and has low-force key switches. Low force means that there is less force required to type. A tactile response reduces impact to the tips of the fingers.

This ergonomic keyboard is a favorite of the ergonomics consultants at Solutions Northwest Inc., check out a detailed review here:

Manufacturer link:

Find the ergonomic keyboard that is right for you.

Working remotely from home can be difficult, make things easier with proper ergonomics. If you’re having trouble deciding how to set up your home office workspace, we recommend contacting our ergonomics experts.

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