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5 Reasons to Hire Vocational Experts in Family Law Cases

There are over 2 million marriages each year in the United States. Almost 800,000 of them will end in divorce.

Divorce is one of the most common family law cases out there. The process can be brutal, but having a vocational family law expert on your side will make things a little easier.

Read on to find out about five reasons why you should use a vocational expert in family law cases.

1. Your work history matters in a divorce.

In family law cases, a vocational expert will collect information regarding your health, education, age, work history, and skills. This information gets tracked by looking at your resume, in-person interviews, and any other records.

If this is a divorce case, these records will allow the vocational expert to make a profile on how much you may earn after the divorce.

According to the data found, amounts for child support will be set. Your potential earnings will decide if you can provide for yourself and your children without the extra earnings from your spouse.

2. Your ex’s work history also matters in a family law case.

The same process to check for potential earnings is done on your ex-spouse. An earnings file will be created to check the legitimacy of the profile made by your spouse’s divorce team.

What if the two profiles present major differences in the family law case? It could mean there is an unfair and intentional misrepresentation about the ability to pay child support.

A vocational expert will be able to use legal tools to get your spouse to disclose the true information if any unfair tactics are suspected.

3. Local employment trends impact family law cases.

Family law cases often revolve around money, since you need to have enough to provide for your kids during a divorce.

This is why vocational experts will focus on trends that have to do with money. To determine earnings in the future, they’ll conduct a salary survey.

Knowing about trends in the industry and having access to government research is something a vocational expert specializes in. Because of this knowledge, vocational experts will be able to come up with accurate numbers about your earnings over time.

4. Your divorce team will need to understand national employment trends.

Hiring a vocational expert who knows how to look at national employment trends in family law cases is beneficial for those who work out of state or overseas.

The earning profile will include any nationwide or international income. This is easy to overlook if your legal team does not hire vocational expert for your family law case.

5. Experts know other experts, which makes for a powerful divorce team.

A final reason your divorce team will need a vocational expert in family law cases is so they can connect you with other experts.

A vocational expert can recommend the right divorce law attorney to act on your divorce team. These experts are sure to have experience and professional relationships with therapists, medical care providers, and even financial analysts.

These professionals will provide you with the necessary second opinions during your case. Hiring a vocational expert for your divorce team can help you with a variety of family law cases, not just divorce. Other case types they handle include child and spousal support, child custody, and domestic violence.

In conclusion, a vocational expert is invaluable in a family law case.

Family law cases could always use some extra help.

If you want to ensure the correct data and information is found for your case, hire a vocational expert now.

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