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Top 5 Remote Work from Home Setups That Scream Dream Job

If you’re currently working remotely on your couch, you deserve a better workspace. For many, the COVID-19 pandemic has moved people from office buildings and into work from home setups. Advances in technology and new work cultures have also contributed to more companies choosing a remote work environment.

Even if your new corner office is actually in the corner of your bedroom, it’s imperative to have the proper work from home ergonomics in place. From your schedule to the layout of your workstation, our ergonomics experts will go over everything you need to create your dream home office.

1. Keep to your work schedule.

It is important to keep a dedicated work schedule when you’re working from home. To be the most productive, you should act like you’re going to an office every day. Don’t let household chores distract you. 

During the workday, push cleaning and other tasks off of your to-do list and save them for non-working hours. If you’re most productive in the morning, make these your core working hours. 

The same goes for the end of the workday. Make sure you shut down and unwind. It’s easy to keep working into the night when there’s no commute home.

2. Ensure your home office or workstation setup at least has the basics.

In your new dedicated workspace, you may want to consider investing in a comfortable and ergonomic chair. If you sit for long hours during the day, this can be harmful to your back, joints, and legs. Get a chair that is designed to support you while you work from home.

The table or desk you’re using should be large enough to hold a keyboard, laptop, mouse, and monitors comfortably. A virtual ergonomics assessment by a professional can help make sure your workspace is outfitted properly.

3. Make sure your home office has your dream view.

Most office workers don’t have a great view and may be lucky to even have a window in their office. Take advantage of working from home and sit by a window or near natural light. NBC News discusses the importance of soaking up some sun during the day. The window should not be directly in front of your monitor or causing glare on your screens. It’s best if the window is to your left or right side while working.

Whether it’s a traditional office with a window or a corner of the family room, choose a view that inspires you. You’ll feel more motivated to start work each day when you have something beautiful to look at.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask an ergonomics expert for help with your dream home office.

Comfortable workers are productive workers, but figuring out what to buy can be confusing. Don’t hesitate to contact an ergonomics expert for help designing the home office of your dreams.

While you can check out some of our recent blogs on sit-stand desks, ergonomic keyboards and an ergonomic mouse, we do recommend investing in an ergonomics assessment for a personalized home office setup.

Due to the increase in remote work and home office workers, companies like Solutions Northwest Inc. are now offering affordable Virtual Ergonomics Assessments specifically for remote workers. If your company hasn’t already offered you an ergonomics assessment, consider paying for it with your own money as it will pay off in the long run.

5. Work outside for a little while and get some sun.

One of the advantages to working from home is that you can do it almost anywhere. If you have time, move your office outside for awhile. Read or write outside on your deck, a patio, or in the yard. Make sure there is no glare on your screen or in your eyes while doing this.

Take a conference call on a walk or squeeze in a run at lunch. Get outside and get some fresh air to give you a great natural boost. You may find that small breaks like this can help you remain productive.

In conclusion, take your work from home setup seriously.

Working from home can come with amazing benefits. Remote working, however, doesn’t mean your home office should be lacking the comfort of a traditional office environment. By making an investment in your home office setup, you’ll feel better inside and out.

Work from home setups should inspire creativity. The right space can help you be more productive and set up for success. If you’re ready to upgrade your home office, get started with a virtual ergonomics assessment here.

As always, consider getting an ergonomics assessment of your home office setup from an expert. Solutions Northwest Inc. are now offering affordable Virtual Ergonomics Assessments specifically for remote workers (all you need is access to e-mail or a smart phone).

Working from home can be a challenge. Whether your work environment is too distracting or if your wrists are hurting from improper keyboard ergonomics – there are a variety of low cost, creative solutions which an ergonomics consultant can recommend for work from home/remote-work situations.

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