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Areas of Specialty for Forensic Vocational Consulting

Find out how and when forensic vocational consulting can help you. Plus, what to expect from the process. Continue reading for a complete guide.

What is forensic vocational consulting?

When it comes to figuring out a case settlement the court needs to know how you or your employee’s income, medical care, and vocational components will be affected after the incident. This could come up in the case of a divorce or injury

A vocational consultant will look at previous lifestyle and economic situation. They then testify on how much should be compensated to maintain previous quality of life.

forensic vocational consultant has knowledge of areas surrounding medical care costs, rehabilitation, earning capacity, lost earnings, whether or not you or an employee lost the ability or time to complete household services, etc. 

The idea is that one is represented in a court of law so that one may receive the compensation deserved for loss of income or mobility.

Forensic vocational consulting and family law cases

When dealing with a divorce case, a vocational assessment usually looks at the earning capacity of the each spouse. For example, if you are worried about not being able to support yourself after a divorce, it’s important to have an experienced vocational consultant who can advocate for you.

In a business setting, vocational consultants also come up with a reasonable plan for a spouse to return to the competitive job market. This may take into account the retraining or updating of your skills as they relate to your previous job path prior to marriage.

It also takes into account physical or mental limitations that may prevent you from entering the job market. This could be also be due to life circumstances such as having a disabled child who is in need of extra care. Your vocational consultant has the expertise to find a reasonable solution to helping you make a new life plan.

How can a forensic vocational consultant help you or your business?

A vocational consultant will make a fair assessment of you or an employee’s situation. This includes how much time a supported or supporting spouse will need to find work. They also assess how much effort a spouse has put into finding a job.

They can also testify to you or your spouse’s earning capacity either current or future. This takes the guesswork out of your case and can also back you up if a supporting spouse isn’t meeting support expectations.

For example, if you’re frustrated and can’t get the financial support you need from your ex-spouse. An earning capacity analysis can help you prove in a court of law that either a supported or support-seeking spouse isn’t making the effort to find employment.

Reach out to expert vocational consulting services.

It is always a great idea to retain the work of a legal expert. An expert vocational consulting service can assist you in a fair trial. This could mean determining future plans of employment, support, or assistance to help you maintain a fair quality of life. 

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If you need our guidance, our legal experts are ready to guide you through the process.

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