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Learn what an ADA Accommodations Specialist Does For Your Business

Are you an employer or HR professional trying to make your business ADA compliant

Following the guidelines of the ADA (American Disabilities Act) is crucial. It helps you avoid lawsuits and maintain the business’s good reputation. Making sure that you do it right isn’t easy, since not everyone knows the ins and outs of necessary accommodations. And not knowing isn’t an excuse for not complying. This is where an ADA accommodations specialist comes to save the day. 

Is this a new term for you? No problem. Read on to learn all about ADA accommodations specialists so you can make an informed decision about your business. 

What is the role of an ADA Accommodations Specialist

An ADA accommodations specialist is there to make sure that your business remains compliant with the ADA. They provide support to people with disabilities and help them (and the employers) figure out what accommodations that they need to do their work. 

They can work for schools or businesses, so they also help students in need of accommodations. 

They’re knowledgeable about ADA requirements. They help inform and educate higher-ups about what’s needed to maintain compliance. 

What does an ADA Accommodations Specialist do?

The tasks that accommodations specialists complete vary depending on who they’re helping. That said, their primary objective is always to make sure that everyone who needs it can get disability accommodation. 

When you hire an accommodation specialist, they’ll analyze your situation. This helps them to determine the next best steps when it comes to accommodation. 

They work with your staff and the employee in need of accommodation in a transparent and comfortable environment.

They will guide you through the process of finding the most helpful technology, equipment, and tools for the employee in question. 

Overall, they make the jobs of HR staff and the employer easier.  

Why is hiring an ADA Accommodations Specialist important? 

While you can take care of ADA accommodations internally, a specialist is more likely to do it in a more effective and compliant manner. 

Sometimes employees who need accommodations are not sure about what they need. An ADA accommodations specialist will help them identify their specific problem and find the best possible solution, making them happier and more effective workers. 

Having a specialist on the job also helps you stay protected from any potential disputes or legal trouble. When you’re non-compliant, you may face fines of thousands of dollars. You could also be liable for damages to the employee. 

Even if the noncompliance is accidental it results in huge problems for you and your business. 

Contact Solutions Northwest Inc. and provide accommodations the right way.

An ADA accommodations specialist is the best person for the job when it comes to accommodating employees and keeping a business compliant with ADA regulations. 

Having an accommodations specialist to help you through difficult situations with employees is the best way to make sure everyone stays happy and safe and that all employees with disabilities are accommodated. 

Are you interested in learning more about accommodations specialists or other helpful solutions for your business?  Consider contacting Solutions Northwest Inc., and we can help you.

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