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Why Every Home Office Needs an Ergonomic Workstation

Are you wondering whether you should invest in restructuring your home office setup to make it more ergonomic?

We can divide the advantages of having an ergonomic workstation into two principal categories: injury prevention and productivity. Let’s look at the evidence of how home office ergonomics can increase both your safety and your output.

One of the benefits of ergonomic home workstations is the prevention of injury.

You may think there is nothing safer than working from home, but some musculoskeletal disorders may not appear quickly and develop over time. Unfortunately, once they do manifest themselves, it can sometimes take a great deal of effort and expertise to rid yourself of them.

It’s far better to be proactive and make your home office’s workstation as ergonomic as possible to protect your health.

If you have a poor work setup, you may notice that you can’t seem to work as long as you used to before needing a break. You may be tempted to pass off the symptoms as signs of aging or even boredom. But, there could be more at play.

There’s a good chance that your eyes or back or other parts of your body are quickly fatiguing because of the uncomfortable conditions under which they have to perform.

For example, having your monitor positioned too close to you can quickly tire and strain your eyes. Similarly, placing the monitor too high or too low can strain your neck.

Using an ill-fitting seat with no lumbar support can contribute to lower back pain. The wrong chair can also place too much pressure on your thighs, leading to soreness and interfering with blood circulation to leg muscles.

An ergonomic workstation correctly positions your chair, monitor, and all other equipment to work with you rather than against you.

Using ergonomic office equipment increases productivity.

You or your employees are going to enjoy work to a greater degree the more comfortable the working conditions are. As a result, comfortable workers are more likely to produce more work in less time.

Without pain, workers can narrow their focus to their work and not have the constant distraction of achy joints and sore muscles.

For example, according to a study published by the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, one factory saved over half a million dollars in one year by giving their workers ergonomic workstations.

The company found that investing in ergonomics paid off in the long run, as more of their products passed quality control tests which meant workers spent less time rejecting products and making replacements.

Ergonomic assessments are available for home workstations.

With 1 in 4 Americans working from home in 2021, ergonomic assessments have gone virtual to meet the increasing demand for home office ergonomics assessments.

Many companies have begun investing in a virtual home office ergonomics assessment for their employees to ensure productivity remains high. Whether you are a business manager or an employee, investing in a home office assessment will allow you to work in comfort, prevent injury, and be more productive while working.

Work comfortably and be more productive while working from home with an ergonomic workstation.

Don’t delay any longer switching to an ergonomic workstation when working from home. Each day you procrastinate and use your old work setup is one day closer to potential pain, injury, and low productivity.

If you’re ready to invest in your home office space, consider an affordable virtual ergonomics assessment.

The ergonomics experts at Solutions Northwest Inc. are now offering affordable Virtual Ergonomics Assessments specifically for remote workers (all you need is access to e-mail or a smart phone).

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