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Family Law Vocational Assessment: How It Is Helpful in Divorce

Being caught between a client or employee’s legal separation is not for the faint of heart. Those called to this field of work need every resource possible to handle legal separations as equitably as possible.

For instance, if a client or an employee faces divorce, how will you determine if he or she should be compensated by their ex? If it is determined that one does deserve to be compensated, how will you calculate how much they should be compensated?

This is where a our Family Law expert can help. Using an assessment, Family Law experts are able to provide equitable solutions anchored in data and analytics.

To learn more about how a Family Law Vocational Assessment reduces friction in divorce cases while reducing headaches for you, continue reading.

Family Law Vocational Assessments

Personnel Today reports that employees facing divorce may face distress for a total of two years after the process begins. Understanding how unnerved people are throughout the divorce process is all the more reason to use reliable and data-supported resources.

Investing in a vocational assessment not only assures that professionals makes the most informed decision possible but also ensures that an employee’s or client’s finances are being handled equitably. Lawyouamerica asserts that it is not uncommon for one party to attempt to take advantage of their ex by relying on alimony checks while purposefully remaining underemployed.

Such a tactic could be avoided or at least exposed in court by using a Family Law Vocational Assessment. The assessment is used to gauge how much the ex-spouse would be able to earn independently.

Family Law Vocational Assessment data helps attorneys, risk managers, and HR professionals alike by determining how much money the ex-spouse may need in alimony or child support to live a decent life independently. You may be wondering, “what does the assessment assess?”

The Family Law Vocational Assessment measures cognitive and physical ability to determine how competitive the individual would be in the job market and how likely they are to maintain employment. If the data from the assessment suggests that the individual would struggle to find and keep sustainable employment, he or she will be encouraged to build more skills.

Having the time and/or money to build the necessary skills to secure continued work is not cheap, which will likely be reflected in the alimony payout. A Family Law Vocational Assessment is comprehensive, to say the least, including the following areas:

  • Detailed medical file reviews
  • Physician and healthcare provider consultations
  • Job analysis
  • Vocational interest & work values
  • Intellectual functioning testing
  • Transferable skill assessment
  • Vocational and labor market research
  • Earning capacity analysis
  • Expert and forensic testimony
  • Offer More Value

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If you are serious about equitable practices and providing the best service to your employees or clients, you should consider utilizing the Family Law Vocational Assessment.

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