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Know The Basics of the American Disabilities Act For Your Employees

As an employer, you take pride in the quality of your business. So much of that your business is carried out by passionate employees.

Imagine, then, if your employees don’t feel safe or able to do their jobs to the best of their ability. This reflects poorly on your entire business, the business into which you’ve poured so much.

That’s where the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) comes in.

The American Disabilities Act need not be difficult to understand and implement. It is an essential measure by the American government to protect those with disabilities.

Through this blog post, our ADA Accommodation Experts hope to shed light on what exactly the ADA is, who it protects, who must do the protecting, and how these protections are meant to be carried out.

What Is the American Disabilities Act?
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The American Disabilities Act, or ADA, is a civil rights law.

There are multiple parts of this law, but to cover the ADA basics, we will focus on Title I.

Since going into effect in 1992, Title I of the American Disabilities Act has been about protecting employees from discrimination.

The purpose of this bill is to make sure that American citizens that have disabilities have equal protection at work and equal access to work.

But how does ADA process really work?

Who Is Protected by the ADA?

When discussing what American with Disabilities Act covers, we first have to identify who is being protected by these measures.

American employees who suffer from a disability are protected under the ADA.

Title I primarily protects employees. In this case, anyone who is employed with a job can count as an employee.

More than that, it protects employees who have a disability, mental or physical, that hinders their abilities.

In 2008, an amendment to the Americans with Disabilities Act updated the definition of “disability” to broaden what exactly the impairment could hinder.

This sounds broad, but in the eyes of the law, these distinctions are key.

Who Does the Protecting?

Since Title I protects employees, it places responsibility for these protections on employers.

This includes small businesses. Any company with fifteen or more employees must comply with the ADA.

This means that these employers must provide reasonable ADA accommodations for employees with disabilities.

As an employer, it can be difficult to know for sure if you are following the law. But, there are outside resources and companies that will ensure you are fully compliant.

What is a Reasonable ADA Accommodation?

Small changes to the daily working environment, which must be made for those with disabilities, are considered “reasonable ADA accommodations.”

These can refer to the height or size of desks, access to ramps or elevators, and more.

Employers are not required to modify entire job requirements, but they are expected to make attempts to accommodate their employees’ abilities.

Educate Yourself and Invest in Creating A Safer Work Environment

The American with Disabilities Act does not need to be hard to understand. Nor does it need to feel like a heavy burden on businesses. Once the basics of ADA are understood, employers can better understand the protections their employees require.

Employers, you don’t have to do this alone, there are services that can help make sure your businesses are fully compliant.

Reach out to an ADA Accommodations expert and ensure the safety of your employees. Having an ADA Accommodations expert help you through difficult situations with employees is the best way to make sure everyone stays happy and safe and that all employees with disabilities are accommodated.

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