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Workspace Ergonomics: 8 Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard

Regardless of profession, it’s important that workers treat their body well in the work that they do.  

Some computer workers (both in the office and remote workers) incorrectly assume that work on the computer isn’t too taxing to the body. When one does something repetitive for 8 hours a day, though, it will start to wear on certain parts of a worker’s body. When it comes to desks and computers, a worker’s joints and ligaments might be taking a toll from the typing they perform daily. 

That is why it is important to always perform an ergonomics assessment in the workplace, whether employees are in the office or working from home.

To illustrate the importance of ergonomics in the workplace, the ergonomics consultants at Solutions Northwest Inc. have gathered 8 benefits of using an ergonomic mouse and keyboard:

1. Proper Ergonomics Improves Employee Productivity
Remote Worker Ergonomics Assessment

You might notice that working at your desk all day leads your hands to get tired by the end of your workday. Your mind might be fit to keep working hard, but sometimes you have to stop to give your wrists a break. 

This happens because most of us don’t situate our wrists in a healthy way when we type. An ergonomic keyboard can fix that and leave you with no pain so you can keep working. 

2. An Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard Benefits Long-Term Health of Workers

You might be able to push through a little pain here and there, but the improper form of typing will come back around in different ways. 

If you want to have full mobility in your hands and wrists when you get older, it’s smart to invest in ergonomic equipment that supports those parts of your body. The last thing you want is chronic pain, physical therapy, and lack of motion from poor ergonomics in the workplace. 

3. Avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as a Computer user

Carpal tunnel syndrome comes from the excessive use of the ligaments that run through your carpal tunnel. This is an area at the root of your wrist that allows the ligaments to direct your fingers. 

When your wrists are at the wrong angle, ligaments get inflamed, tight, and start to tense up. The ergonomic mouse and keyboard options keep your wrists healthy, so you don’t develop that syndrome. 

4. Ergonomic Gadgets are More Intuitive to Use

Another nice thing is that you don’t have to relearn anything when using ergonomic devices. The ergonomic keyboard and ergonomic mouse mechanics are the same as others in the way they operate. 

Any worker can easily adjust to using an ergonomic mouse or keyboard and won’t have to hold up productivity with any steep learning curve. You buy them, set them up, and keep going. 

5. Faster Typing with an Ergonomic Keyboard

Ergonomic keyboards are often situated in a way that allows you to type faster. It’s still the QWERTY setup, but both sides of the keyboard might be in unique placements. 

Equipping workers with ergonomic keyboards will save any office time and improve workflow as well. 

6. Ergonomics Improves Posture

Our bodies are very interconnected systems. Issues in your wrists run up to your shoulders, which affect your back, which plays a part in your spinal health. 

So, one little issue can spread out into the rest of your body. You might notice that these ergonomic keyboards help your back pain over time. If you’re trying to maintain good posture, your current keyboard isn’t helping the way an ergonomic keyboard will.

7. Ergonomic Equipment Adjusts to Your Needs

Many computers are created in a very particular way. Their keyboard and mouse situation is uniform, and you’re forced to fit that mold. 

However, ergonomic mouse and keyboard options come in different shapes and sizes for everyone, allowing you to invest in devices that work for you. You might be surprised at the variety that you have to choose from. 

8. Longevity

The final thing to consider is that ergonomic options tend to be made better than standard keyboards and mouses. They’ll last longer and save money. 

Further, workers themselves can handle the workload better and become more efficient in their job when they’re working with comfortable, ergonomic devices. 

Interested in Creating an Ergonomic Workspace for Yourself or Your Employees? 

Hopefully, our look at the benefits of the ergonomic mouse and keyboard was helpful. Be sure to share these tips with your employees and co-workers. And keep in mind, there’s a lot more to do to make the workstation ergonomic, but our ergonomics experts are here to help you take the next steps. 

Explore our site for more information on how these devices can improve your work environment and support your joints, muscles, tendons, and more. 

Remote Workers and Workstation Ergonomics – there is more than just mouse and keyboard ergonomics.

When you’re comfortable, happy, and pain-free – your work becomes more efficient. That is true for tools like a mouse and keyboard, but also for a remote worker’s entire workstation or home office design setup.

If you’re ready to invest in your remote worker’s productivity or your own home office space, consider an affordable virtual ergonomics assessment.

The ergonomics experts at Solutions Northwest Inc. are now offering affordable Virtual Ergonomics Assessments specifically for remote workers (all you need is access to e-mail or a smart phone).

Looking for More Tips on How to Create an Ergonomic Workspace? Contact us at, we will be happy to help you!

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