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6 Benefits of Ergonomic Office Chairs

The average American adult worker spends ten hours per day sitting.

When working in an office or at home, sitting at your desk can take up most of your day. If you or employees are starting to feel some aches and pains from sitting long hours, how can you relieve some of those pains for yourself and your workers? Proper office ergonomics.

In this case, we will look at ergonomic office chairs and the many benefits they bring to the office. Ergonomic office chairs can offer relief for back pain and can even increase productivity. The ergonomics experts at Solutions Northwest Inc. will explain what you need to know about ergonomic office chairs, their benefits, and why they would be an excellent addition to your office design. 

1. Ergonomic Office Chairs Provide Posture Support for Workers

The benefits of an ergonomic chair start with posture support. These chairs will help your natural posture and prevent one from slouching or crouching over your computer desk. The back of an ergonomic chair is meant to match the curve of your lumbar spine, which gives you the proper support you need, especially for long days spent in a chair. 

2. Ergonomic Office Chairs Help with Proper Hip Alignment

The pain from sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day isn’t always due to the slouch of your back; the hips can play a part in this as well. If your hips are tilted too far forward or too far back, you can experience hip and lower back pain. An ergonomic office chair can help prevent this kind of tilt from happening, releasing pressure on your hips. 

3. Comfort with Proper Ergonomics Increases Employee Productivity

If you are a business owner, it might be difficult to justify spending the sometimes thousands of dollars on ergonomic chairs for your employees. The reality is, if you workers feel more comfortable in their chairs, they will sit in them for longer. That time they are going to be working! The right kind of chair can change your employee’s relationship with their desk. 

Consider hiring an ergonomics consultant to ensure you invest wisely or having an ergonomics assessment performed before you take the next step.

4. You Can Adjust Ergonomic Office Chairs Properly

One of the most incredible things about ergonomic office chairs is they can be appropriately adjusted for each employee. Not every worker of yours is going to have the same spine and hip set up. With ergonomic office chairs, they can adjust them to be the perfect fit. When your workers are comfortable, the longer they’ll work at their desks. 

5. Ergonomic Office Chairs Are High Quality and Last Long Term

Ergonomic office chairs come with some excellent warranties. This type of chair is made for the long term, so even if you spend more upfront, over time, you may make that money back instead of having to buy new chairs all the time due general wear and tear. 

6. Ergonomics Makes Workers Comfortable

Figuring out an ergonomic office chair and even an ergonomic desk can help your employees feel better. They will likely feel valued and like you care about their overall health. It’s about more than just the chair, you are looking out for their wellbeing, and that goes a long way. 

Ready to Set Up an Ergonomic Workstation?

Computer workstation ergonomics for your employees can change their lives. Improving their health and wellbeing can benefit you as a business owner in so many ways! Happy workers are hard workers. 

If you need more help with ergonomic office chairs, whether it’s a recommendation of what to buy or how to adjust the ones you have, reach out to us! Our ergonomics experts at Solutions Northwest Inc. will gladly offer an ergonomics assessment of how you set up your ergonomic workstations today!

If you or your employees are working remotely,  Solutions Northwest Inc. offering affordable Virtual Ergonomics Assessments specifically for remote workers (all you need is access to e-mail or a smart phone).

At we value the importance of a positive workplace culture. Part of a positive workplace is a safe workplace, Contact Us to schedule an ergonomics consultation or ergonomics assessment for your office today.

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