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4 Ways Employers Can Get the Most from Their 4 Ways Employers Can Get the Most from Their Remote WorkersRemote Workers

Working in a traditional office means that employers can dole out certain perks to their workers. Remote work perks, however, aren’t as simple. In a world where more and more workplaces are going remote, what are you supposed to offer your remote workers to show them you value their work? 

Remote work benefits already include an ability to avoid commute times, take care of household responsibilities while on the job, and create a personalized office environment, but how can you help a remote worker do their job?

We’re here to offer some ideas. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Help Your Remote Workers Design Their Home Office

Remote employees are, of course, responsible for designing their workspaces. This is one of the downsides of working from home. The only things that employers technically need to provide for remote employees are the things that they need to do the job. 

However, if you are interested in getting the most out of your employees, you should consider investing in their remote office space.

Invest in some comfortable, ergonomic office furniture for your employees. This will enhance worker productivity and help them avoid workplace injuries (that’s right, even office workers can get injured on the job).

Do your research and find appropriate ergonomic desks, chairs, and equipment or tools that your remote worker’s will need. To make the most of your investment, hire an ergonomics consultant to perform an ergonomics assessment for remote workers.

Ergonomics assessments for remote workers are great because they can be done remotely through phone, email, or webcam. If you’re interested, contact Solutions Northwest Inc. for a Virtual Ergonomics Assessment, and get some help designing the perfect workspace for your remote workers!

2. Consider Health and Fitness Benefits

While you’re focusing on your employees’ health and comfort, consider offering health benefits to remote workers aside from the obvious health insurance options. 

Many employers who have in-person workplaces do things like providing group fitness classes, putting healthy snacks in the breakroom, and more. When you’re working remotely, however, you may not know what to do.

Consider providing remote workers with a stipend for health and fitness-related things like gym memberships or healthy food subscription boxes. This is a great way to keep your employees feeling healthy and strong and to show your appreciation.

3. Show Remote Workers Tokens of Appreciation

Speaking of appreciation, you can also offer your employees other helpful tokens that show that you value them. 

After performing an ergonomics assessment and setting up your remote workers with an ergonomic workstation – consider offering things such as padded mousepads or wrist rests for their ergonomic keyboards. You can send them helpful office supplies or even branded merchandise.

This is a small perk, but it’s one that many employees will appreciate.

4. Flexible Schedules

When someone works from home, it’s helpful to allow them to have a flexible schedule if that’s an option for your business. Your goal as an employer is to make sure that the work is getting done. Let employees work on their own schedules as long as they’re meeting deadlines. 

Employees with flexible schedules are more helpful and productive than employees without.

Happy Remote Workers Are Productive Remote Workers

Providing remote work perks for your employees will enhance their productivity, make them feel valued, and keep them healthy and happy. While remote work perks are different from in-person perks, it’s easy to make adjustments for a remote lifestyle.

For more information on creating an ideal workspace for remote employees or to learn how and where you can make improvements, check out our affordable virtual ergonomics assessment for remote workers.

The ergonomics consultants at Solutions Northwest Inc. are now offering affordable Virtual Ergonomics Assessments specifically for remote workers (all you need is access to e-mail or a smart phone).

At we value the importance of a positive workplace culture. Part of a positive workplace is a safe workplace, Contact Us to schedule an ergonomics consultation or ergonomics assessment for your office today.

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