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Attorneys, Risk Managers, HR Professionals – Learn Why Family Law and Vocational Assessments Are So Important

More than 740,000 divorces occur in the U.S. each year at a rate of 2.7 per every 1,000 people. When it comes to separations, judging who can financially support themselves is crucial. That’s where family law vocational assessments come in.

A family law vocational assessment evaluates whether each spouse can rejoin the labor market as well as their short- and long-term earning capacity. This information helps attorneys, risk managers, and HR professionals alike by determining how much money the ex-spouse may need in alimony or child support to live a decent life independently.

But what goes into a family law vocational assessment

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out how a family law vocational assessment works and why it’s important every business know more about it.

What is a Family Law Vocational Assessment?

A family law vocational assessment is used when two divorcing spouses hire a vocational expert to look at their ability to join the labor market. It also looks at their long- and short-term earning capacity in the event of a divorce.

Generally speaking, vocational experts will know a lot about the labor market. They’ll research their clients’ work history, education, skills, credentials, and historical earnings.

During this assessment, vocational experts will also look at factors that affect each spouses’ employability. They’ll provide the details based on these economic factors as needed. 

What is a Family Law Vocational Assessment For?

Many workers undergo a vocational assessment to see whether their past work experience or skills translate to the job market. They can also become aware of skill gaps and fill those in as needed.

Why is a vocational assessment important in Family Law? For divorcing spouses, this informs the type of work they can look into and if they need to make any adjustments regarding their skills and qualifications. It can also inform whether certain injuries or illnesses affect potential jobs.

When it comes to family law, vocational assessments help spouses assess things like alimony or spousal support. Vocational assessments also assess trial strategies and settlement efforts.

A vocational assessment will help the court better understand the earning capacity of each spouse, which is a big factor when it comes to alimony. That way, family members won’t under- or over-pay alimony. 

Family court judges aren’t required to follow vocational assessment opinions. However, it’s an effective tool to have if someone wants more concrete evidence of earning power. 

How Do Vocational Assessments Work?

Most family law vocational assessments start with the vocational expert interviewing each spouse, either in-person or virtually. They often send out a questionnaire covering topics like employment and earning history.

The vocational assessment test takes place after the questionnaire, and the interview is complete. Vocational experts then put together an analysis that looks at a spouse’s career options, job market information, and employment actions.

They can also provide job search strategies in certain instances. Vocational experts will then consult with the spouse’s attorney to discuss options. A written report can also be requested from the vocational expert.

Finding the Right Family Law Vocational Assessment Expert

Every attorney, risk manager, and HR professional should have a vocational law expert available for consultation. Divorces have the reputation of being a complicated and messy process, but a family law vocational assessment helps smooth things out in a professional manner.

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