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Your Guide to Employability Assessments

What is an employability assessment, exactly? Does it differ from a job interview, and if so, how? How important of a tool is it for HR professionals and hiring managers to have in their arsenal?

These are all completely valid questions, and our vocational experts will help you learn about the benefits of employability assessments in this blog. You will learn about its different applications, and why it’s something you may want to educate yourself on for your business.

Read on for everything you need to know about employability assessments and its practical applications.

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What Is an Employability Assessment?

You may be thinking, employability assessment, wouldn’t that be the same as a job interview? The two sound similar, but in fact, the answer is no.

A job interview and an employability assessment are two distinct things. For a few different reasons.

An employability assessment is a test of sorts that aims to evaluate different aspects of a person’s employability. It is used in several different situations beyond hiring new staff.

Of course, recruiters do use employability assessments to screen potential candidates. However, it has other applications, as well.

For example, say an employee becomes disabled as a result of a workplace injury, and is permanently unable to work. An employability assessment can be used to determine the disability benefits that an employee should be entitled to.

An employability assessment may also be used in relation to a worker’s compensation claim. If a worker suffers a personal injury in the workplace, an employability assessment will be performed by a vocational expert to affirm that the employee is unable to perform their job, and determine how much compensation they are entitled to.

Benefits of an Employability Assessment

In a Human Resources setting, employability assessments have many uses and benefits. For example, if there’s a particular skill set that’s necessary for a job, employability assessments can be used to determine which candidates possess these skills and which do not.

The great thing is that employability assessments can also evaluate soft skills. This is particularly helpful, as soft skills are often difficult to measure or quantify. Especially on the basis of a regular interview.

There are many soft skills employers may look for. Examples include interpersonal skills, communication skills, and time management capabilities.

When it comes to worker compensation, an employability assessment is equally useful. This type of test helps to ensure that workers receive the compensation they deserve. In a potentially contentious situation, an employability assessment provides clarity and a definitive answer.

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