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3 Tips to Keep Remote Employees Happy

The world of work has changed. A few years ago, remote working was relatively uncommon, but it’s now a central feature at many companies. At the end of 2020, almost 3/4 of the US workforce was were remote employees, and over half of them wanted the arrangement to continue.

But how do you keep your company functional and your remote workers happy? This article gives some tips for looking after your remote workforce.

1. Embrace Workplace Flexibility
Remote Worker Ergonomics Assessment

One of the things that employees most like about working from home is enhanced flexibility. For example, remote workers might want to take a walk in the afternoon or spend more time with their children.

If you try to force remote workers into a strict 9-5 routine, it’s unlikely they’ll be happy with the situation. You should be open to more flexible working hours as long as your remote workers are still productive.

2. Invest in Your Remote Team’s Home Office Design

Your remote workers need to have the right kind of equipment in their home office. Not having what they need to do the job can negatively affect remote workers’ comfort and, by extension, their ability to deliver results.

Beyond job-specific tools, remote workers need to have access to an efficient workstation that can help keep them focused on the job without discomfort.

The best way to invest in your remote worker’s home office is to hire an ergonomics consultant to perform an ergonomics assessment. An ergonomics assessment will make it simple to design a home office that is efficient and safe for employees. In fact, it may be even more vital for remote workers to have an ergonomically designed home office because they are more likely to make mistakes like working from their bed or a couch, which could lead to injury and inefficiency.

Additionally, consider a Virtual Ergonomics Assessment, which can be done remotely and does not require anyone to enter the employee’s home.  Contact the Ergonomics Experts at Solutions Northwest Inc. for more information on this.

3. Adapt Your Communications Strategy

You can also keep your remote workers happy by adapting an effective communication strategy. Everyone likes to feel like they’re in the loop, but communicating with your remote workers requires a different strategy than keeping those in the office up to date.

You might consider setting up a slack channel for your remote employees to use. You might also make yourself available through video platforms such as Zoom.

When remote workers feel like it’s easy to reach out to management, they’ll feel a lot happier and more secure.

If you have a hybrid work environment, integrating your remote and office teams is a great way to ensure both of your teams feel like they’re included.

You should encourage your in-office workers to also take part in the company Slack channel. You could also encourage remote workers to occasionally come into the office to meet the team.

Effectively Utilizing Remote Employees Is Key to Your Success

If you want your company to succeed in this new era of work, you need to know how to manage your remote employees and keep them happy at work. The companies that adopt the most effectively to these changes will be the ones who turn the greatest profit.

If you want to help your remote employees set up an ergonomic home workspace, contact the ergonomics experts at Solutions Northwest Inc. for more information. You may also want to consider an affordable virtual ergonomics assessment, which can be done remotely (all you need is access to e-mail or a smart phone).

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