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5 Benefits of a Vocational Assessment in Divorce Proceedings

Divorce proceedings can be rife with messy details and resentment. The very nature of divorce is complex and building the appropriate team to achieve the desired outcome is crucial.

Apart from the crucial job of the divorce attorney, building a good divorce legal team may also include a financial advisor, a therapist, and a vocational expert. By having someone who’s trained in vocational assessments, the team will be better equipped to handle the speculative nature of earning capacity.

Continue reading for 5 straightforward benefits of having a vocational assessment for a divorce case.

1. Earning Capacity

Vocational family law experts are trained to evaluate skill sets in relation to today’s economic job market. They’re able to assess what these skills will bring in in terms of income both current and future. In other words, they are there to assess current as well as future earning capacity.

This is crucial as this type of financial evaluation can determine child support or alimony payment amounts. Generally, estranged spouses will not want to pay high amounts of alimony or child support. They may claim fewer earnings or job loss during proceedings to avoid paying high amounts.

Vocational experts will be able to cut through the noise to determine true sources of income.

2. Employability

On the opposite side, a spouse may claim their husband or wife is capable of earning more than they actually are. This is where a vocational expert comes into play.

Say a husband or wife gave up their time in the workplace to raise children from home. Re-entering the workforce and knowing what they can offer in terms of employability can be difficult. A vocational assessment will determine what skills may transfer to the current workforce and which skills may need updating.

3. Second Opinion

Paying out alimony or child support can get tricky under the lens of earning potential. A husband or wife may have specific workplace skillsets but may be unwilling to put them to use taking a lower-paying job in order to avoid paying more child support.

It is important for both sides to bring a professional opinion to the table. A vocational assessment test will be able to determine fair and reasonable future earnings for each party in question.

4. Judge’s Orders

The impact of having a vocational assessment done may persuade the judge to order reasonable terms during the divorce case. For example, if a husband or wife disagrees with the results of a vocational evaluation, evidence will need to be presented to the judge in order to refute the claim.

Judges often appoint a vocational expert of their own accord. This ensures a proper assessment of earning capacity. It allows the judge to come to a decision via expert knowledge and fact-checking.

5. Life Changes

Vocational experts are also available to document any future changes in income. They will provide a professional, vocational evaluation on changed circumstances and adjust their recommendation for paying alimony or child support payment amounts.

Vocational experts also have the expertise to provide guidance on career changes. They can help a client get back on their feet and into the workforce post-divorce.

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A vocational assessment test will provide the judge and the courts with crucial financial and employment information. The expense now can save a great deal of money down the road.

If you are serious about equitable practices and providing the best service to your employees or clients, you should consider utilizing the Family Law Vocational Assessment.

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