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How a Vocational Evaluation Can Benefit a Personal Injury Case

A vocational evaluation has use beyond determining suitable career paths. As a professional or specifically as a personal injury lawyer, the goal is to ensure that your client gets proper compensation for their injuries. It seems simple enough, but it can be difficult to do. Not only that, there are often outside forces working to devalue your client’s case.

That’s where a vocational expert can come in handy. Keep reading to learn how obtaining a vocational evaluation can help the outcome of your client’s personal injury case.

What Is a Vocational Evaluation?

In the most general sense, a vocational evaluation is a thorough assessment. Its purpose is to pinpoint the most viable career paths or employment opportunities for an individual. You’ve likely taken such an assessment in high school or college.

These types of evaluations take on a much different purpose in personal injury law.

A qualified vocational expert may be hired to provide an evaluation of an injured plaintiff’s claim. They determine how much financial compensation the plaintiff should receive. Vocational experts analyze factors such as long-term medical care costs and lost present and future earning capacity in their evaluations.

How Does a Vocational Evaluation Report Help?

It may be difficult for you to determine the total value of your client’s case. There are many factors that are out of your control.

For example, an individual’s injuries could turn out worse than first thought. As a result, they have to pay more medical costs than anticipated. Such an instance can change the value of your client’s claim.

A plaintiff can even devalue their own claim.

Let’s face it, personal injury clients won’t always tell the truth. For example, they may withhold information about their past medical history. Or, the client may have an unrelated prior injury that they are unaware affects their current injury claim.

More often, insurance companies downplay the plaintiff’s injuries or try to use a plaintiff’s prior medical history to justify devaluing their claim. Insurance is a business and it’s in the best interest of insurance companies to pay out as little money as possible. All three instances can result in the devaluation of your client’s claim.

This is another situation in which retaining a vocational expert can be of help. They’ll be able to analyze your client’s past medical history so that you as a lawyer can avoid surprises. Additionally, they’ll be able to see through insurance companies’ tactics to get proper compensation for your client.

Where Can I Find a Vocational Expert

You can’t always prepare for the unexpected. Yet, you can ensure that your client gets proper compensation for their claim by hiring a vocational expert.

Here at Solutions Northwest, Inc., we offer comprehensive vocational evaluation options that determine the value of a personal injury claim. We service cities throughout the Washington and Oregon states. Visit our personal injury vocational consulting services page to see how our company can be of help to you and your client.

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Our vocational experts are involved in personal injury, workers’ compensation, family law and can provide vocational expert witness testimony.

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