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The Benefits of Seeking a Vocational Assessment in Divorce Proceedings

Divorce proceedings are notoriously tricky to navigate. There are often many different factors at play that can make the outcome unpredictable.

A lawyer is expected to always facilitate the very best result for her client, but obviously, this is difficult to guarantee. There are, of course, certain things a family law team can do to sway the odds in their client’s favor. Having a vocational evaluation carried out is one of them.

Vocational assessment in divorce can help to secure a fair and satisfactory decision. If you’d like to learn about some of the many benefits of opting to go down this route, read on to find out more now.

What is a Family Law Vocational Evaluation?

Within the context of divorce proceedings, a vocational assessment evaluates the employability of one of the parties involved. This is done with the purpose of assessing their ability to obtain employment and, in turn, earn an income.

These vocational assessments are useful in helping to determine the amount of support a spouse can contribute to their own support. As well as the support of any children involved.

What Does an Employability Assessment Entail?

So, if you do decide to hire the services of a vocational evaluation expert, what can you expect from the process? Assessing a person’s employability involves looking at many different factors. The employability assessor will need to take into account things such as the person’s age, health, education level, skills, job history, medical history, and what training they have received if any.

The employability assessment will involve an in-depth interview with the person in question. This is to verify any information given about them.

The assessor may also carry out certain assessments, such as skills tests. Finally, vocational testing will take place.

Benefits of Vocational Assessment in Divorce

Carrying out this type of vocational assessment, and having expert vocational testimony be heard during the court proceedings offers many advantages to your case and your client. It can be difficult to accurately determine a person’s earning power. However, this is exactly what this type of evaluation aims to do.

Expert vocational testimony is something that judges typically have a lot of time for and pay a lot of attention to. It gives credence to any claims you’re making about your client’s earning capacity.

Furthermore, vocational evaluations are considered highly persuasive because they are usually seen as being a more objective look at a spouse’s situation. The main benefit of a vocational assessment is that it makes a stronger case for your client to receive a favorable settlement.

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