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5 Benefits of Designing an Office with Ergonomic Furniture

It may sound relaxing to sit at home and work remotely. However, sitting puts strain on the body of remote workers more than you may realize. And that issue is only worsened by bad office furniture.

Designing a home office with ergonomic furniture is often praised for correcting some of the pains and posture issues that are common at desks jobs. But if you or your employees are working remotely without properly assessing the ergonomics, chances are you are sitting on home decor which can actually be quite bad for one’s back.

This is why it’s good to invest in some ergonomic home furniture for yourself or your employees.

Are you interested in learning more about how to work from home comfortably? Here are the top five benefits of ergonomic furniture from the ergonomics consultants at Solutions Northwest Inc.

1. Ergonomic Furniture Reduces Pain

If you buy an ergonomic office chair for yourself or your staff, you’ll be doing their back and neck a big favor. Ergonomic chairs have a backrest that supports the natural curve of your spine, and some even have a headrest to provide support for the head and neck. Ensure you get an ergonomic chair that has the latter, as not all of them do

2. Ergonomic Furniture Can Help Improve Blood Flow

When sitting improperly in a home office chair, you may be restricting the blood flow in your legs. Having your seat at a 90-degree angle ensures proper blood circulation to keep your legs from going numb.

3. Ergonomic Furniture Helps Reduce Risk of Musculoskeletal Disease

The aforementioned support for your spine and back is actually crucial to your skeletal health. Most chairs and sofas don’t support the system property which adds pressure to the spine and pelvis. Ergonomic chairs relieve that pressure which will be wonderful at the moment while also protecting you from the long-term effects of strain.

4. Ergonomic Costs Are an Affordable Investment

Buying an ergonomic desk or chair will not cost you much more than a regular chair or desk in most cases.

Furthermore, investing in proper ergonomics for a home office or in-person office is considered an investment in worker’s health and safety. When workers feel healthy and safe, they will be more productive as we will explore below.

5. Ergonomics Help Boost Productivity at Work

“Businesses report an average increase of 25% in productivity and a 67% reduction in errors after an ergonomic assessment” according to WSDLI.

Ergonomics assessments are affordable investments and will allow employees to work faster with less effort. Using a professional, ergonomics consultant that is trained in proper workplace ergonomics will make your job easier and allow for proper posture, fewer motions, less difficult reaches, and less exertion for workers. This means efficient employees and a higher quality product.

Invest in Home Office Design

Ergonomic office furniture will be of major benefit to you or your staff when working from home. When working in a home office that is designed with ergonomics in mind, one’s back and neck will be far less strained, and productivity at work will increase.

At Solutions Northwest Inc., we now offer virtual ergonomics assessments to those seeking the pain and strain relief that comes with ergonomic furniture. If you need help setting up an ergonomic home workspace, contact the ergonomics experts at Solutions Northwest Inc. for more information.

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