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The Importance of Getting a Personal Injury Vocational Evaluation

Has your company been hit with a personal injury case? The average payout to settle those types of cases is $52,900.

Did you know that you can lower your exposure to high settlements through a personal injury vocational evaluation? Vocational testing comes with many benefits. The main one is the ability to find out what your employee’s personal injury earning capacity is. Next, we’ll explore some of the benefits of this type of professional evaluation. 

Why is a Vocational Injury Evaluation Important?

A major part of any personal injury claim involves determining post-earning capacity. These steps happen before a court case begins. This information is critical for determining the size of monetary judgments or settlements.

The information gathered by a vocational injury evaluator is allowed in court. Is your company trying to assess the earnings capacity of an employee?

Without the help of an evaluator, the information you gather may not be credible in court.  

What is a Personal Injury Vocational Evaluator?

A vocational evaluator undergoes specialized training. The training allows him or her to assess the plaintiff’s ability to resume work. 

A vocational expert may have a degree in vocational rehabilitation. Or they may have studied psychology, counseling, or vocational evaluation. 

Beyond college-level training, some vocational evaluators go on to earn certifications. These might include Certified Vocational Evaluation Specialist (CVE) or Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC). Some vocational experts also testify as a vocational expert witness.

The vocational evaluations often determine what suitable jobs or career paths are suitable for the worker. In some cases, the worker may not be able to return to work at all or can only do so when special accommodations are made. 

What Happens During a Personal Injury Vocational Evaluation?

Every personal injury vocational evaluation is unique. In general, the process involves an initial interview with the injured party. Then there is an interview with the physician who treated the injured individual.

During the clinical interview, the vocational evaluator gathers biographical information. This can include work and medical history and other data.

The evaluator may also collect information on the injured party’s vocational goals. Or info on current physical limitations.  

If the injured individual is the defendant, the vocational evaluator may have to rely on court documents. Or the evaluator may read interviews conducted by an expert who works for the plaintiff. 

The evaluator conducts vocational analysis. They may include what’s known as a transferable skills analysis. The evaluator may conduct a market survey. The final step involves the creation of an evaluation report that can be used in court.  

Protect Your Business from Personal Injury Lawsuits

Is your company facing a personal injury lawsuit? You need to understand how the personal injury vocational evaluation works. The information from the vocational evaluations determines the outcomes of monetary awards or settlements. 

Our practitioners at Solutions Northwest, Inc. understand injury prevention and intervention principles. To schedule your meeting, contact us today to see how our company can be of help to you.

Our vocational experts are involved in personal injury, workers’ compensation, family law and can provide vocational expert witness testimony.

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