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Solutions Northwest, Inc. is a small consulting firm providing vocational, ergonomics, ADA accommodation and jobsite modification services in the Pacific NW.   To meet current business demands, we are seeking to hire an individual whose responsibilities will be two-fold:

  1. Working with one client who has a robust integrated disability management program. This is a “return-to-work, stay at work” program where employees as well as the employer calls us to seek accommodations to keep them working, or to get back to work when they are off work. The program is so robust that not returning to work with this employer is rare. You will be working with individuals that have an occupational or non-occupational injury/illness and providing them with ergonomics assessments, ADA accommodations, and jobsite modification services. We have a case load waiting for you, with no hustle on your part to get it. It is excellent billing, a great team and the opportunity to be a part of what “stay at work” and “return to work” should look like, with full support from management, employees, and their supervisors.
  2. Working as a Vocational Consultant for Washington Workers’ Compensation system making eligibility recommendations for vocational services, developing training plans and doing all aspects of case management.

Solutions Northwest, Inc. supports autonomy, independence, and purpose for our consultants. We provide you with quality office furnishings, computer equipment, tech support, and we set up your home office.  We also have an administrative team that works to support your success.  We strive for and expect excellence, and the admin team helps to be sure this occurs on a consistent basis.

We work out of a real time database system so everyone is seeing the same information at the same time. This system supports those that work the billable hour making it easy to track your work and be productive.

Successful applicants will want to come ready to work full-time for this great opportunity. We offer a competitive salary, paid time off, health benefits, and continuing education reimbursement. Other benefits can be negotiated.

Primary Job Responsibilities

Ergonomics/Accommodation Consultant for ONE client (~50% of the time)

  • Coordinate ADA accommodations and transitional duty for employees with illnesses and injuries (both on-the-job and non-occupational)
  • Conduct on-site and virtual business and home office ergonomic/accommodation assessments
  • Complete standardized ergonomic/accommodation reports with specific product recommendations when appropriate
  • Work closely with the supervisor and employee in the interactive process to ensure accommodations and worksite modifications meet the employees’ needs
  • Oversee the completion of all worksite modifications to ensure that the recommendations have been carried out accurately
  • Complete follow up assessments and interventions as needed
  • Work closely with customers to ensure that the services provided agree with contractual obligations and/or outlined processes and procedures
  • Manage assigned accounts using an in-house database/practice management software
  • Work closely with the vocational/ergonomic/accommodation/HR team
  • Provide job analyses when necessary
  • Participate in a variety of project-related activities

Secondary Job Responsibilities

Vocational Consultant (~50% of the time)

  • Manage a caseload and provide vocational rehabilitation services for workers’ compensation claims
  • Ensure statutory and administrative code compliance throughout the vocational rehabilitation process
  • Review medical records and follow medical treatment to insure timely evaluation of the claimant’s permanent physical capacities
  • Conduct interviews with claimants to obtain work history and other pertinent information
  • Evaluate claimant work and education histories, as well as other pertinent information, as part of the assessment process
  • Prepare written job analyses incorporating information collected from employers and other data resources
  • Administer, score and evaluate vocational testing to determine the claimant’s functioning abilities and interests
  • Conduct transferable skill assessment to determine residual skills and suitable return to work options
  • Conduct Labor Market Surveys to obtain employment data to determine appropriate occupations
  • Prepare Initial, Progress, and Closing Reports
  • Prepare vocational evaluations outlining vocational recommendations regarding employability
  • Develop, write, and oversee vocational training plans
  • Provide expert testimony regarding vocational matters
  • Assess return-to-work barriers and determine if work modifications are necessary
  • Coordinate work modifications as needed
  • Work closely with referral sources, claimants, employers, and attorneys to provide timely and appropriate vocational services
  • Manage assigned cases using in-house database/practice management software

Qualifications and Education Required

  • Master’s Degree in vocational rehabilitation or in a related field preferred
  • 2-3 years of experience in the field of Vocational Services required with a CRC or CDMS preferred
  • CPDM certification a plus
  • Experience in vocational case management, ergonomics, accommodations and jobsite modifications is preferred but will train
  • Preferred Washington State Workers’ Compensation experience.
  • Must demonstrate superior skills in problem solving, negotiating, organizing, and time management
  • Must be proficient in MS WORD, Internet, Email applications, and database experience is a plus
  • Must have superior written and verbal communication and customer service skills
  • Must be accurate, detail oriented, and able to maintain a high degree of confidentiality
  • Must have working knowledge of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles
  • Must be able to handle multiple priorities in a very fast-paced environment
  • Must demonstrate superior problem solving, negotiating, organizing and time management skills
  • Must be able to work independently
  • Must be able to lift/carry/move materials weighing up to 40 pounds
  • Must be able to travel as required throughout Washington State, which may include overnight stays
  • Must have a valid Washington driver’s license in good standing

Interested parties can apply via the

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