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The Value of Vocational Assessments for Rehabilitation Counselors

The Value of Vocational Assessments for Rehabilitation Counselors

What if you could improve the success of a client or employee? Would you use a tool to mitigate the risk factors of hiring unfit workers? Can you assess an individual’s ability in various meaningful and relevant categories? These are the characteristics of a vocational assessment.

Vocational testing means achieving the best possible outcomes for clients and employees. It is a vital step in assisting rehabilitation counselors to set goals for their clients. These vocational assessments provide unmatched insight when it comes to employability.

Read on to discover the need for vocational assessments and what they mean for employers.

Role of the Rehabilitation Counselor

A rehabilitation counselor assists individuals who suffer from mental, emotional, or physical disabilities. Connecting workers with opportunities that match their abilities is their goal.

Rehabilitation counselors may serve people after a personal injury.  Some have filed a workers’ compensation claim. Other individuals may need ADA accommodations.

A rehabilitation counselor tests the skills and abilities of workers. They must have a complete picture of the abilities of their clients.

How Vocational Assessments Help

A vocational assessment is a tool that measures an individual’s employability. The assessment will generally test someone in areas that include:

  • Interests
  • Abilities
  • Medical information
  • Psychosocial factors
  • Education
  • Prior experience

A vocational assessment evaluation shows particular attributes of an applicant. Results convey far more than a resume or traditional interview. Rehabilitation counselors should use this information to suggest appropriate employment

opportunities. They may also make suggestions for training and development.

Who Benefits From Vocational Assessments

Employers and workers alike stand to gain from a meaningful vocational assessment. A diagnostic test guarantees that workers will find roles where their success is more likely. This means the likelihood of continued employment.

Employers assume less risk knowing that the individual is fit for the job. They can have confidence that the worker will perform the tasks of their position.

Rehabilitation counselors strive to make the best decisions for their clients. The decision-making process improves with the help of a vocational legal expert.

What This Means in the Workplace

A vocational assessment can determine if individuals are fit to return to work.  In a case of personal injury, assessments screen for physical abilities and limitations. After a long-term disability employees can also undergo a vocational assessment.  This will aid in guiding their return.

Insight into workers’ compensation is an essential function of vocational assessments. The results will offer a clear, forthright view of:

          • The extent of injuries
          • Potential recovery time
          • Limitations and outlook on job performance

Individuals with special needs are often placed in particular work environments based on the results of a vocational assessment. An ADA accommodations specialist can analyze results to help ensure a business is equipping its employees with the proper ADA accommodations and services.

Allow Vocational Assessments to Work for You

Do you feel that a vocational assessment is suitable for your situation? Solutions Northwest Inc. offers expert guidance and vocational rehabilitation experience. Our vocational experts are involved in personal injury, workers’ compensation, and family law. Reach out to us with any of your vocational evaluation needs.

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