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Legal Foundations: Your Guide to Career or Vocational Assessments

Legal Foundations: Your Guide to Career or Vocational Assessments

Did you know that, on average, there are forty-six thousand openings for lawyers per year?

With so many cases across so many fields, it is inevitable that a career or vocational assessment will be needed to prove the earning capacity of your client.

These vocational assessments are done in many scenarios- determining how much money your client could be making in given frame of time and circumstances will help a variety of situations that you may have been hired for.

In this case, it may be wise to learn when bringing in someone who is an expert at vocational evaluation is needed.

Why are vocational assessments necessary?

Vocational assessments are an in-depth look at a person’s background, skills, education, and any information about their occupation. In addition, it may also examine health conditions.

Many people use vocational evaluations, such as rehab counselors, but they come up in legal proceedings often. 

Generally, vocational evaluations come up to determine earning capacity – that is, the amount of money a person could have earned if not for current circumstances.

When is a vocational evaluation wanted?

The times when you may need to call in a vocational expert witness are greatly varied, from family law to career issues.

For example, if you are going through divorce proceedings, you might need a career assessment done to help decide on an amount for alimony or child support.

This is done to determine a person’s earning capacity to support themself and any children. 

On the other end of things, you may need a personal injury earning capacity determined. This means that a vocational expert examines all the factors and evaluates how much money would have been collected had the client not gotten injured.

If the injury is permanent, it may lead to a need for disability management consulting services. In this case, the client has a long-term issue with earning capacity, which needs a vocational expert to determine the loss.

In some cases, a career assessment may also be necessary to help with ADA accommodations

How do I get a vocational expert on my team?

Knowing when a vocational expert is needed seems complicated, but it’s nothing to worry about if you retain professional assistance. We’d love if you’d consider contacting Solutions Northwest, Inc. to help, we offer vocational evaluations as simple or as detailed as your client may require.

These vocational assessments consider many factors such as detailed medical reviews, job analysis, and transferrable skills assessment. Vocational experts will even look into forensic testimonies to assist in the vocational assessment process.

In addition, Solutions Northwest, Inc. does its research. You can expect a developed vocational assessment and excellent communication during the process.

To speak with our vocational experts, contact us at Solutions Northwest, Inc. Our experts are knowledgeable about ADA accommodation issues, disability and injury management, and workers’ compensation. We are happy to assist you!

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