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A Quick Guide to Legal Expert Testimony for Business

A Quick Guide to Legal Expert Testimony for Business

In 2020, the “1,548 rulings on workplace-related litigation in the U.S. last year set a new record high,” according to the 17th Annual Workplace Class Action Litigation Report.

As a professional or legal practitioner, you understand how important one witness can be to an entire case. When working with a vocational legal expert, you or your company will gain the insight and perspective of a qualified professional, strengthening the credibility of your case.

This guide briefly explains the basics that you need to know about hiring a legal expert for expert testimony and how to work with them.

What is a Legal Expert Witness?

An expert witness or “vocational legal expert witness” is an individual who has education or expertise in a specific profession or field that goes beyond that of a layperson. The responsibility of the legal expert witness is to provide the court with an unbiased opinion within their expertise.

However, ahHn expert witness is not the same as an expert adviser. A legal team engages an expert adviser to speak about that party’s claim or defense. An expert adviser’s primary responsibility is to the party employing him, not to the court.

An expert witness or vocational witness will provide impartial expert analysis on their given subject in line with the instructions given to them. These instructions are included in the expert witness’s report, which will be reviewed by the opposing party and the court.

When evaluating whether a witness is eligible to serve as an expert witness, the courts do not follow strict criteria. Instead, the expert’s credentials are assessed on a case-by-case basis, based on the circumstances.

The key qualification is whether the selected jury will obtain a meaningful perspective from them on the subject in question, not whether they use their knowledge and expertise professionally or commercially.

What to Expect When You Hire an Expert Witness

An expert witness must follow the appropriate process guidelines as well as any orders in the matter. A legal expert witness must provide honest, unbiased, and independent opinions, whether or not they support your argument.

An expert witness (or vocational witness) has a primary obligation to the court. This responsibility outweighs any duty due to you. However, you are still obligated to pay the expert’s fees.

The court expects expert witnesses to be impartial and unbiased and will disregard evidence from those who are or appear to be prejudiced.

An expert witness is not your advocate. They will not argue your case for you, nor will they collect evidence or make recommendations about what your case should include.

It is your responsibility, or the responsibility of your legal counsel, to campaign for your case. Vocational law cases are particularly difficult; it is always recommended that you also hire consulting services to assist with them.

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