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5 Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard

5 Benefits of Using an Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard

Whether in the office or working-from-home, wrist pain is one of the most prevalent issues for desk workers. Considering that many desk workers need to use a mouse and keyboard repetitively, this shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise.

Can proper ergonomics help stave off problems like wrist pain while working? Yes, using the right ergonomic setup can work wonders!

While our ergonomics experts always recommend visiting a doctor for proper diagnosis of an injury, below are 5 benefits workers will receive by using an ergonomic mouse and keyboard.

1.Proper Workstation Ergonomics May Help to Alleviate Arthritis Symptoms

Workers with arthritis can present intense inflammation in various joints. Wrists and fingers are no exception, and can often be quite debilitating for those that work at a computer.

An ergonomic keyboard and mouse might not be able to prevent or treat arthritis, but they can make it that much more comfortable for those that suffer from the affliction.

2. Ergonomic Equipment Can Help Reduce Worker Fatigue

Working with a keyboard and mouse for multiple hours means workers have to twist, strain, and stretch their hands over long periods of time. An ergonomic wireless mouse, with the right setup, helps reduce how much stretching and straining a person has to go through while using their PC. This results in less worker fatigue, making it easier to work for longer hours.

3. Increased Comfort While Working

It might seem like an insignificant variable, but employee comfort is actually very important. What some might see as an unnecessary luxury should be a top priority.

Comfort is considered a positive symptom indicating that a worker is utilizing a properly designed workstation. Meaning workers are more likely to avoid negative health problems over time.

Consider investing in an ergonomics assessment for an office or home office workstation for worker’s comfort. Investing in your worker’s comfort will pay off in the long run, given that when workers feel healthy and safe, they will be more productive at work as well as avoid downtime.

4. Better Posture

Having the right equipment helps change how workers sit and work at the computer. Eye level, shoulder positioning, leg placement, and arm placement, all contribute to better overall comfort. However, the placement of your hands is a huge determiner of whether or not you’ll have proper posture.

Luckily, there’s so much ergonomic equipment available, that you can even find a left-handed ergonomic mouse or keyboards built for left handed individuals.

5. Higher Work Productivity

Certain ergonomic keyboards and mice make it a lot easier to work longer hours. One example involves the split keyboard. It allows users to spread their arms apart, reducing the strain on the forearms and shoulders. Some ergonomic mouse options change the game, as well, opting for a rolling ball instead of relying on mouse movement. As mentioned above, the easier it is to work with the equipment, the easier it will be to work efficiently and for more time.

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Building an Ergonomic Office For All Workers

Designing an ergonomic office or home office is more important than many might consider. Working at a properly designed workstation is related to a wide variety of serious health issues. That’s where ergonomic equipment, like an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, comes in.

These ergonomic gadgets work in tandem with ergonomic chairs and desks to ensure that arm and hand placement matches the body’s posture. The sooner you get an ergonomics assessment performed to ensure your office or home office is comfortable and productive – the better!

If you or your employees need assistance improving your in-office or home-office ergonomics, consider contacting the Ergonomics Experts at Solutions Northwest Inc. for a consultation. We offer both in-person ergonomics assessments and virtual ergonomics assessment. Through our detailed assessment tools, you can find out exactly what you need to fix in the office for better health and productivity in the workspace.

Check out our website for more details on how you can find the best office setup today!

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