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5 Remote Worker Tips to Jump-Start a Productive Workday

5 Remote Worker Tips to Jump-Start a Productive Workday

Working from home requires self-motivation to be productive throughout the week. However, remote workers may struggle with productivity from the moment they wake up. 

Creating a morning routine will help set the tone for the rest of the day to ensure one meets the job’s needs and standards. 

Continue reading and share these 5 tips from our ergonomics experts on how to create a routine to jump-start a productive workday for your remote workers or for yourself!

1. Drink Water After Waking Up

One of the most important morning rituals for work productivity is to start your day with drinking water. As we sleep, our bodies cannot hydrate due to a lack of water. Therefore, you should drink water as soon as you wake up. 

The longer you go without water after waking up, your body suffers. According to ergonomics experts, your mental and physical capabilities weaken, leading to counterproductivity for work tasks. Your energy levels will also be much lower throughout the day if you put off hydrating. 

2. Exercise

Exercising is another great way to kickstart a productive workday. Physical activities will get your blood flowing, which leads your body to release endorphins. These endorphins create a better mood and more energy to start your day. 

Any activity that raises your heart rate is sufficient enough in the mornings. Many people use aerobic exercises to get a quick workout before starting work. For example, you can walk, run, bike, do yoga, etc.

3. Take a Morning Shower

Taking a shower in the morning is another way to have a productive day. Morning showers are a great way to wake you up, especially if you take a cooler one. Doing so will help relieve grogginess and sleepiness. 

A shower will also help start your day freshly, as you’ll look and smell better overall. Your cleansed body will be ready to take on the day and can even help elevate your mood.

4. Plan Your Day

A work-from-home job can have many distractions. However, starting your day with a plan can keep you on track with your work tasks. Doing so will keep you focused on what needs to be done throughout the day. 

Start by listing out each task that must be done. Then, set aside sufficient time to get each duty completed.

5. Organize and Design an Ergonomic Home Office

When remote workers have access to an organized home office designed with ergonomics in mind, they will be setup to succeed.

In fact, it is important that every business owner or human resources manager ensure their remote workers have a properly designed home office to work in. When a remote worker can work in a space that is designed specifically for their daily work tasks, it will make it easier to jump right into a productive workday.

Consider hiring an ergonomics consultant to perform an ergonomics assessment on your remote worker’s home office. Ergonomic assessments are a great investment, as having proper ergonomic design will lead to improved workday productivity, happier workers, and less injuries.

You may also want to consider a virtual ergonomics assessment for an affordable and remote option.

How to Have a Productive Workday as Remote Worker

These tips will ensure remote workers have a productive workday and can work efficiently from home. Share these tips with your remote worker staff or use them yourself and benefit from adding these ideas to your morning routine!

If you need help creating a more ergonomic workplace for yourself or your employees contact the ergonomics experts at Solutions Northwest Inc. for more information. You may also want to consider an affordable virtual ergonomics assessment, which can be done remotely (all you need is access to e-mail or a smart phone).

At we value the importance of a positive workplace culture. Part of a positive workplace is a safe workplace, Contact Us to schedule an ergonomics consultation or ergonomics assessment for your office today.

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