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What to Expect from A Virtual Ergonomics Assessment

What to Expect from A Virtual Ergonomics Assessment

Did you know that about 83% of workers in the U.S. suffer from work-related stress? So many people in the U.S. are overwhelmed at work for a variety of reasons, ranging from workload to general discomfort. 

Employees should feel comfortable and appreciated while at work. Scheduling a virtual ergonomics assessment can be just what you need. These assessments are useful for both remote workers and in-person workers since it is convenient and affordable.

Are you ready to ensure your employees feel comfortable at work? Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect from a virtual ergonomics assessment.

What is an Ergonomics Assessment

A virtual ergonomics assessment has the same goals as an in-person assessment. An ergonomics consultant is hired to evaluate and discuss every aspect of an employee’s working setup during an ergonomics assessment. During this process, an ergonomics expert will assess and design an environment that caters to a worker’s comfort in a way that makes their job easier and improves work productivity.

After the ergonomics assessment, the ergonomics consultant will give advice on how to improve a worker’s setup for comfort and productivity. They will even recommend products and workspace suggestions that will minimize pain and maximize comfort at work. 

Why Ergonomics Assessments Are Important for Every Industry

Ergonomics assessments are important in every industry, from office workers to warehouse workers and everyone between. For example, over 15 million people suffer from chronic joint pain in the United States. An ergonomics assessment would help relieve, or even prevent joint pain for workers.

Ergonomics experts look for a “neutral posture” in their clients. This is a sitting or standing position that puts the least amount of stress on your body and joints. 

When your body does not have a neutral posture, trauma injuries may occur in your joints and other parts of your body. These small, cumulative trauma injuries may take an extended period of time to occur, and so you may not even notice that your posture is injuring you before it’s too late. 

Some factors that can affect a worker’s posture and workspace layout are chair height, desk height, computer or laptop screen height, keyboard and wrist positioning, and chair comfort. At Solutions Northwest Inc., for example, our ergonomics consultants take all of these factors into consideration. Through this, we can create a workspace plan that will suit you and your needs. 

Your Virtual Ergonomics Assessment: What to Expect

Using a video chat platform that works best for you, your ergonomics consultant will observe a worker’s work habits, workspace, posture, positioning, etc. They will discuss pain and comfort levels and take any previous injuries or pain into consideration. 

Once the ergonomics consultant has a good idea of the working arrangement, they will come up with a plan tailored to the worker’s needs. The ergonomics consultant will guide the client in altering the height of the chair and work surface to avoid strain on the back, neck, and joints. If the worker is a computer user, they will guide the client in altering the height of computer screen and other computer equipment. 

The ergonomics consultant may recommend more accessible office supplies to reduce strain on the body and joints. They will also likely recommend options that worker’s can get creative with.

An ergonomics consultant may even recommend working lifestyle changes. Moving positions frequently and standing sporadically throughout the workday, if possible, are two key recommendations that one of our ergonomics experts may suggest. 

Speaking first-hand, the methods we use at Solutions Northwest Inc. are effective and work for our clients. To hear what others have to say, read some of our customer testimonials.

The Bottom Line on Virtual Ergonomics Assessments

An ergonomics assessment will help worker’s prevent pain and injury, as well as increase worker productivity. These ergonomic assessments are the perfect way to guarantee comfort at work and now that they are available as a virtual option – they’re more convenient and affordable than ever.

Are you ready to schedule your virtual ergonomics assessment? Contact us today to get started! 

At we value the importance of a positive workplace culture. Part of a positive workplace is a safe workplace, Contact Us to schedule an ergonomics consultation or ergonomics assessment for your office today.

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