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An Ergonomics Guide for Workers That Use Computers

An Ergonomics Guide for Workers That Use Computers

More than 1 in 4 people in America suffer from some form of back pain. The figures are even higher when you take neck pain into account.

So, why are these aches and pains so prevalent? Well, it may have something to do with a lack of knowledge and application of proper ergonomics for people that use a computer for work.

An ergonomic workstation plays an essential role when it comes to work efficiency and avoiding back and neck pain at work. If you’re interested in working on your workstation ergonomics, consider reading ahead.

Workplace Ergonomics: A Quick Look

Workplace ergonomics revolves around analyzing and understanding people in a working environment. Workplace ergonomic design focuses on improving the setup of a workplace, so that it better fits the worker’s needs. A workplace with proper ergonomics will reduce worker discomfort and increase worker productivity and efficiency.

There’s also a growing spotlight on ergonomics now for home office design, as becoming a remote worker is increasing in popularity

Creating and Designing an Ergonomic Workspace

It is highly recommended to start off with an ergonomics assessment before making any new purchases or starting your workstation design. Furthermore, the best way to ensure a proper ergonomics assessment is to hire an ergonomics consultant company to perform the assessment. This investment, like all investments in worker safety and productivity, will pay off in the long run.

Next, it’s important to invest in the right ergonomic equipment for the worker’s task. This is followed by learning to adjust how your worker’s work. These, along with a few other methods, can help reduce worker injury, pain, and other aches while improving their productivity.

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Equipment for an Ergonomic Office

An ergonomic workspace requires the right equipment. This starts with getting the right ergonomic desk and chair. An ergonomic desk should be adjustable to ensure the worker’s arms can rest on it and have their wrists stay straight.

There should be ample space below the desk for one’s legs, and a footrest may be used for support. An ergonomic chair should have back support and provide support along one’s entire spine.

The final essentials involve peripheral gadgets like an ergomomic keyboard, a keyboard tray, and your mouse. The keyboard should have adjustable parts underneath it. The keyboard tray helps with hand position. And, when possible, consider a wireless ergonomic mouse; a wireless mouse allows for freer movement.

These essentials are a great place to start, but there will likely be other pieces of equipment that will be required depending on a worker’s task. This is where investing in an ergonomics assessment from a professional ergonomics company can help you with the details of the setup.

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Adjusting for Ergonomic Posture

Beyond equipment, employees need to be shown how to achieve the right posture while they work. When it comes to ergonomics for computer workers, there are a few key rules to follow.

First, you have to keep your head balanced directly above your hips and shoulders while relaxing your arms and shoulders. Next, you have to rest your back against your chair in a slight arch with your elbows at your sides. Your forearms and wrist should lay straight on your desk.

Finally, your knees should be straight in relation to your hips, with your legs slightly extended forward. If you feel some discomfort in your legs, you should consider using a footrest for relief.

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Ergonomics for Employees that use Computers at Work

The growing need for employees to use a computer at work has resulted in a plethora of people reporting back and neck pains. And, the newly arising remote workforce must do their job on their computers as well. So, it’s essential for employers to perform an ergonomics assessment for their workers whether they are in the office or working from home.  

For optimal results, one should hire an ergonomics consultant to perform the ergonomic assessment and give specific recommendations for the space. You should be prepared to invest in getting the right desk, chair, keyboard, mouse, and footrest to start with.

If you wish to do an ergonomics assessment or a virtual ergonomic assessment for remote workers, our ergonomics consultants can help. Contact the experts at Solutions Northwest Inc. today to check up on the ergonomic risks of all your remote employees. This will pay off a great dividend for your company in the future. 

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