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3 Benefits of a Personal Injury Vocational Evaluation

3 Benefits of a Personal Injury Vocational Evaluation

In 2020 alone, there were almost three million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses. Many of these were perfect candidates for personal injury insurance claims, but not all would have been able to get compensation. With many of these, a personal injury vocational evaluation would have helped.

The following article will explain why such a vocational evaluation can help you work out the true value of a personal injury. By the end, you should understand why asking a client to submit to one is in your best interest, rather than trusting their judgment.

Below are the three primary benefits of a personal injury vocational evaluation:

1. Vocational Evaluations Determine the Value of a Client’s Case

Many things might affect how a client and an insurance company perceive a personal injury. Firstly, an insurance company will rarely claim that a personal injury is worse than a client suspects. They will often try as hard as possible to downplay the injury to avoid a worker compensation payout.

Although, a client is unlikely to know how to best describe personal injuries to receive a perception of long-term injury. A vocational evaluation encourages people to take the client more seriously. This is because a vocational expert can describe any issue in clinical terms that highlight the problem.

That same vocational experth can also discuss the client’s personal injury earning capacity. This helps you determine whether said earning capacity has reduced from what it was before.

2. Vocational Evaluations Discover the Truth About a Client’s Injury

Personal injuries are sometimes hard to quantify. This goes double if the client is refusing to tell the truth about an injury.

It is not unknown for a client to attempt to claim that not enough worker protection was in-place. They will often say that they are now injured long-term by an employer. A vocational evaluation lets you determine the veracity of such a statement.

A client who is abusing the protection for workers put in place by law might receive a lawsuit from their employer if they are lying. A vocational evaluation allows you to inform them that their course of action is libelous.

3. Discover a Client’s Medical History

You should enact a vocational evaluation if you want to learn more about a client’s long-term medical history. Such information will allow you to discover if their claim relates to a new injury or if it is an exacerbation of an old issue, which is likely to net less compensation.

In truth, risk managers in a company should have had access to older medical history. Thus, you can then see if the client lied to the risk manager or if the risk manager ignored prior medical issues. Both of these could affect an ongoing case.

Stay Proactive – Invest in Learning More About a Personal Injury Vocational Evaluation

You should by now have a much better understanding of how a personal injury vocational evaluation can help you and your client. Services like this are why personal injury attorneys often come to vocational experts or consultants for help, and you can too.

Our vocational experts at Solutions Northwest Inc. and consultants are on hand to advise and assist you in learning how we can help you as you move forward. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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