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How Disability Leave Services Can Help You

How Offering Disability Leave Services Can Help Your Business

78% of American employers offer disability leave. Disability leave ensures that every worker has the right to disability leave if they cannot work due to a disability. That said, employers do not have to offer disability leave services by law. However, many wisely choose to include it in their company’s insurance plans.

Since disability leave services cost employers more, why do so many offer it? In this article, we highlight the benefits of providing disability leave management to employees with the help of the vocational experts at Solutions Northwest Inc.

What is Disability Leave?

Disability leave entitles workers to time off when they cannot work due to a disability. It isn’t paid time off, a vacation, or an otherwise capricious ordeal. Instead, it’s a necessary step to ensuring the well-being and fair treatment of all employees.

Disability leave is, most often, not directly provided by the employer. Employers choose disability and leave services through insurance providers to make such workplace accommodations.

However, some small businesses cannot offer disability insurance due to budget constraints. They must look elsewhere for help in case they need to place their employee on disability. That’s where specialized disability leave service providers come in.

3 Benefits of Offering Disability Leave Services to Employees

Disability leave for workers is about more than your company’s bottom line. It affects your business in ways you wouldn’t think. Here are a few ways disability leave services serve employers:

1. Disability Leave Management Improves Employee Retention

Your company likely put time and effort into talent scouting, onboarding, and mentoring an employee, so chances are you want them to stay as long as possible. If so, you should know that employees are more likely to stay with a company that provides necessary accommodations. Providing disability leave service to your employees helps you greatly increase your employee retention rates.

2. Disability Leave Improves Employee Productivity

Employees are more productive when given disability leave despite taking time off work. How is this possible? Well, when on leave, having contact with HR (human resources) gives employees less anxiety about their job security. And with proper disability leave management, employees return to work up to 26 days earlier.

3. Disability Leave Resource Access Keeps Employees at Work

Disability leave services help keep your employees at work with abundant, accessible resources. By utilizing resources provided by disability leave services, employees feel valued. The result is employees who think of the workplace as a safe, accommodating space. Less stressed, they take shorter absences during their disability leave.

What Disability Leave Services Are Available?

Employers can choose from insurance plans that include disability leave services or independent providers. Both services ensure workers get time off for disability-related issues. Other services provided by disability leave management include:

  • Planning and tracking employee leave
  • Ensuring compliance with leave laws
  • Managing personal injury claims
  • Supporting employee’s return to work
  • Reporting services
  • Vocational consulting

These services and others help employers stay on top of disability leave. They also give employees the support they need to feel ready to return to work faster! If you need more help in the process, we recommend contacting a vocational consultant to ensure best practices.

Create an Accessible Workplace with Disability Leave

Disability leave services are an anchor for employers navigating confusing ADA requirements. Disability leave management helps people get back to work faster.

It is understandable that setting up effective disability leave management may be overwhelming for many businesses. For this reason, most business will hire a vocational consultant to manage the process for them, so they can focus on running their business.

We would be honored if you considered contacting the vocational experts Solutions Northwest Inc. to help you get your employees back to work and provide advice to reduce absences. Contact us today to chat with our Vocational Experts to see what we can do for you!

At Solutions Northwest Inc., our vocational experts are involved in  ADA Accommodations , personal injury, workers’ compensation, and family law.

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