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The Importance of Conducting an Industrial Warehouse Ergonomic Risk Assessment

The Importance of Conducting an Industrial Warehouse Ergonomic Risk Assessment

The industrial or warehouse industry is a business sector that does more than store products. In many cases, production occurs inside warehouses. As you can imagine, many complex, high-powered machines play a part in storage and production.

The setting of the job and the intensity of the labor mean that workplace accidents are prone to happen. Workplace accidents disrupt production and can put many people at risk. Ergonomic industrial assessments or warehouse risk assessments or can help identify potential dangers and present solutions.

It identifies hazardous equipment and can also assess environmental factors that put the business at risk. Here are some reasons why ergonomics assessments or risk assessments are an essential tool for the warehouse industry.

Warehouse Ergonomic Risk Assessments Prevent Accidents

Evaluating industrial warehouse safety risks helps keep employees safe and ensures that they practice safety. Without a risk assessment, life-threatening accidents can happen. Risk assessments evaluate potential threats and allows management to develop a response plan to prevent accidents from happening.

Warehouses tend to be large facilities. Without a proper risk assessment or ergonomics evaluation, you may not be aware of all the potential threats.

Identify Who’s at Risk and How

Your warehouse staff is who will be at risk, but danger extends beyond them. You can also further specify who will be at risk during a risk assessment.

When considering risk management, you should determine if contractors and visitors to your site should be included. If they occupy areas that may be prone to accidents, you may need to.

You should also evaluate individual needs. If you use workstations with customizable ergonomics, make sure your staff is trained to be safe while handling that equipment.

Break areas should also undergo evaluation. Kitchens and rest areas will have their own potential dangers that should undergo evaluation.

Hire an Ergonomics Consultant for Comprehensive Work Solutions

Warehouse risk assessments may take some time to complete. However, it’s wise to invest in the time to assess your warehouse rather than lose time and money because you failed to do so sooner.

At Solutions Northwest, Inc., office and industrial/warehouse risk assessments are just one of the many things we do to help keep people at work. Our ergonomics and vocational consultants value the importance of a positive workplace culture. Part of a positive workplace is a safe workplace, contact us to schedule a consultation or assessment for your warehouse today.

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