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3 Tips to Comply with ADA Requirements in The Workplace

3 Tips to Comply with ADA Requirements in The Workplace

1 in 4 Americans lives with some type of disability according to the CDC.

As an employer, human resource manager, or business owner – it is your job to ensure all employees are equally accommodated.

This is important because failing to properly accommodate for disabilities can be illegal due to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

But how do you go about making sure you’re in compliance with all requirements? Read on to learn tips from our ADA Experts on complying with ADA in the workplace.

1. Understand that each worker has a unique set of needs

The first step in tackling ADA accommodations in the workplace is to understand that each worker will have a unique set of needs. In this case, simply treating every employee the same doesn’t equate to equal access and opportunity.

Even when it comes to disabled workers, you mustn’t treat them all the same – not all disabled workers have the same disabilities, and many disabilities exist along a spectrum.

2. Educate yourself on ADA Accommodations best practices

According to the EEOC, a reasonable ADA accommodation is:

“Any change or adjustment to a job or work environment that permits a qualified applicant or employee with a disability to participate in the job application process, to perform the essential functions of a job, or to enjoy benefits and privileges of employment equal to those enjoyed by employees without disabilities.”

There are some obvious physical accommodations for things like ramps and widening restroom entrances for wheelchairs. And there are also digital accommodations for things like screen readers or magnification for the visually impaired and subtitles for the deaf.

3. Hire a specialist for ADA Accommodations

When assessing and implementing ADA accommodations for the workplace, it is highly recommended to use an ADA specialist. An ADA accommodations specialist will have more knowledge in workplace safety compliance law and ADA regulations than internal staff or other non-specialists.

An ADA accommodations specialist knows how to gather information about specific problems and communicate with employees in order to deliver the best solution.

Ultimately, investing in an ADA accommodations specialist will lead to a safer and more productive workplace – which will pay off in the long run.

Stay Proactive About ADA Accommodations at Work

Managing ADA Accommodations and staying in compliance with the law can be tricky, especially if the stakes are high.

Having an ADA Accommodations Specialist help you with employees that have different needs will ensure everyone stays happy and safe and that all employees with disabilities are accommodated.

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