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When It’s Time to Contact A Vocational Expert Witness

When It’s Time to Contact A Vocational Expert Witness
According to the International Labor Organization, roughly 2.3 million workers fall prey to workplace injuries annually. Unfortunately, many of these injuries occur in American workplaces. Damaging accidents can occur in any work

environment, whether it’s a construction site or an office.

An attorney will help clients find financial compensation for their injuries. However, they will likely need the help of a vocational expert witnesses. These professionals can testify about the extent of a client’s injuries and what kind of work they’ll be able to manage.

We’ll explore the role of these professionals in this guide. Read on to find the answers you need!

Why Hire Vocational Expert Witnesses?

A vocational expert is a professional with in-depth knowledge regarding two things:

  1. the industry the client works in
  2. medical information, especially as it relates to that industry

These experts play a critical role in determining how much money a client should receive in an injury settlement.

Some claimants will exaggerate their injuries to get a higher settlement. Many suspect a claimant’s lawyer will play along with that claim to make more money. That’s where an expert witness comes in.

This witness can provide a third-party testimony that backs up a client’s case and testify about the extent of a client’s injuries.

Then, they can use their industry knowledge to testify on whether said client will be able to work again. Likewise, they can estimate what work a client can perform with this injury.

How do Vocational Witnesses Reach Their Conclusions?

The key to a vocational witness’ testimony is vocational assessments.

This assessment’s goal is to gauge the severity of a client’s injury. From there, they can deduce whether any lingering disabilities will impair their ability to work in their industry.

Once they conduct their personal injury vocational evaluation, they’ll refer to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. This dictionary classifies various types of jobs that people can work.

From there, the vocational expert will determine what category of jobs the client can potentially work. This information can assist the client with finding work once their court case concludes. Likewise, it helps you determine the size of a client’s settlement.

When Should You Hire a Vocational Expert Witness?

Not all personal injury cases require an expert witness. Instead, there are generally two scenarios that make these witnesses necessary.

First, there may not be enough evidence that a client’s injuries will prevent them from returning to work. An expert witness can demonstrate that this is the case.

Second, there may be complicated evidence that requires a professional explanation. In these cases, expert witnesses can break down the evidence in a way that judges understand.

Hire a Vocational Expert Witness

As you can see, vocational expert witnesses play a critical role in personal injury cases. They can play a deciding factor in determining whether a client gets their required settlement.

More importantly, they can help workers find stable work after the court case. That’s the task our services prioritize!

Solutions Northwest, Inc. specializes in stay-at-work solutions. We strive to help our clients continue to make a living after court.

We also provide top-notch legal consultation services. In addition to worker’s compensation and personal injury cases, we provide a family law vocational assessment as well. Schedule a consultation with our team today!

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